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Trade Archives - Rough times for precious metals

Technical analysis for Gold (xauusd) and other metals with major activities happening on the Financial market. Latest news and analysis for the Trending metals. Enjoy the read, Subscribe, and Don’t forget to share this valuable information with your friends and family. If you like what you read.

Technical Analysis for _Gold and other metals
Gold is holding strong above the 1800s level of support and ranging sideways. Similarly with silver with the major support at @25.237, Silver has managed to stay strong and Range sideways.
But you can see with the Fridays market the prices have fallen significantly not only for gold but to all precious metals. Gold, Silver, Platinum.
M15 - H1
Gold and silver are in a ranging sideways - or should I say -Preparing for the next big move. For trades like us, if you seek an opportunity, that’s the only thing you will see now because there is plenty of it now. Trade with caution though.
This whole trading process relies upon the idea of wealth transfer, So, every time you lose money to the market you are making someone else richer.
Gold surprises investors this week
Gold past week
Gold monthly price chart analysis  (xauusd)
Gold monthly price chart analysis (xauusd)
Just by looking at the charts, we can see that it has been a bearish scenario, and for the rookies, it’s going to be a shock big time as they were told that gold is going to be a huge bull. As per my analysis, this is just a fakeout or a spring collecting more orders in order to move higher.
we can find that prices are ranging for the day and most probably we could see an upward movement shortly. Since prices are in the oversold area.
Can gold and blockchain fix a broken monetary system? George Gilder
Precious metals in the market Based on reaction
Prices have fallen drastically in the past week, Honestly, I believe there is a major downside for some time in the future, it is a possibility if the prices did not find their way back of the previous monthly candles high.
Short term there is a lot of opportunities for a trader and investor alike. A trader with an edge can find a huge return in profits. if He/ She has acquired the skills and knowledge that only comes with patience and practice.
The similar is the same for silver and various other precious metals
Silver  - Monthly chart Analysis (xagusd)
Silver - Monthly chart Analysis (xagusd)
Bitcoin Targets
What is Hex, and how did it gain 2,700% in 1 year? Richard Heart challenges 'scam' accusations
Bitcoin has broken people’s hearts lately, Bitcoin is also known as the people’s money is finding it is hard to reach the price point in order to make higher highs and higher lows.
As you can see in the charts you will notice the sudden spike to the upside, I have spoken about this in the previous newsletters. My theory suggests that the bitcoin would fall up to a certain level before reaching new higher highs.
If this theory I came up with is correct then and only then this price spike is nothing but a Fakeout and could be the beginning of a new break out to the downside.
If this thesis is proved wrong then the prices could be in the run to a new bull rally, creating new higher highs.
As we can see it has been a rough week for gold and silver, I mean it could be a takeout in the big picture of things, shorting before going long. If that is the case then we could see that the larger player are interested but they wanted to buy it at a lower price which is why they sell in the first place and when it is time to sell the big institutional companies buy, Such away they could sell it at a much higher price, this allows them to have a much greater profit.
So entering with the Big guy (institutional companies) could increase your winning probabilities much higher.
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