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Weekly Briefing
  • Bullish pressure in Gold-next stop at 2400
Gold has managed to break above the level of resistance which brings us to the possibility if the bullish sentiment is increasing, Or should I say it is highly increasing.
With the frequent flow of the market, you can see in the monthly candle which is almost likely to close in the green,
In the previous Newsletters, I have mentioned if the gold has managed to close in a Green candle rather than the red candle.
Well, we have one more day to confirm, from the time of writing.
By the flow of the markets and the influence of the volume per candle, we can find it obvious that it’s going to be bullish up in the coming months.
Mithun Suresh
Currency wars., Read the article below to stay updated.
China Will Stun The World By Launching A Digital Gold-Backed Currency At The Start Of 2022 | King World News
Gold trading news
Mithun Suresh
#XAUUSD headed towards 1953.05. look for for more buyin opportunity.
While this month's candle close in green,
Gold will hunt down its price targets thus making new higher highs, while us as traders hunting pips.
Looking forward to this #make 💸💰
I have been personally trading gold only for the past few months, And it’s likely to be like this for a while now.“Gold is God’s money”, Trading it would be my honor. Call me a believer of God.
For a fact: Gold is rare and it is the most valuable asset you can ever find although other gems such as diamonds and others have more marketing power and a brand name, Gold is Limited and it is hard to find these days. The rich people won’t want you to know that.
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Mithun Suresh

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