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Welcome to Mitch Jackson’s weekly Metaverse and Web3 (NFTs, Blockchain, Smart Contracts, Digital Currency, Digital Wallets, Decentralization, AI, and VR) Twitter Newsletter Update!
Each week I curate my favorite Metaverse and Web3 tweets. I believe this technology is already changing the world and that it’s important for all of us to stay current on trends and new developments.
Always feel free to share tweets and tag me (@mitchjackson) with your content in these spaces. I may include your contribution in the next issue of my newsletter with a link back to your Twitter profile.
I hope you enjoy this week’s issue!

Virtual Insanitii on Twitter: "Web3 is taking over. NFTs and the Metaverse are going to change the way we do business forever. Listen to our chat with @TheTMattorney and @mitchjackson. Disagree with our conviction? Comment below 👇 #nft #metaverse @RobertHanna_eth @caleb_pfohl"
MitchJackson.eth on Twitter: "Yesterday in our Horizon Oculus virtual office, I had the pleasure of meeting artist and entrepreneur, Meera (on Instagram at ). I'm a fan and you will be too. Make sure to take a look at her work and projects! #art #nft #nftartist…"
MitchJackson.eth on Twitter: "Communication Skills in the Metaverse- How to use "touch words"​ and your avatar's body language to close more deals. What's your favorite way to connect in VR spaces?"
Trevor Young on Twitter: "Love this quote from @mitchjackson ... Forward momentum, it's a wonderful thing!… "
We’ll living in exciting times. Embrace this new technology and position yourself for future success. Our consulting agency, ManeuVR, is here for you in you need a little help.
Stay safe and make today your masterpiece!
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Weekly updates, news and trends on Twitter about the Metaverse and Web3.

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