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Beginning with this issue, I’m curating breaking and trending biz, legal, and tech tweets, posts, and news each Wednesday morning. The idea is to share what’s of interest to my community and invite you to hit “reply” and share your thoughts, insights, and questions.
Let’s get started!

What are your thoughts on the trending Facebook story? I shared a post earlier today as to why I believe social media companies should be regulated. Hit reply and let me know your thoughts.
I believe NFTs, blockchain and cryptocurrency are going to change the world. Sure, 90% of the junk out there isn’t going to be around in 3-5 years but the tech is here to stay.
In this interview, I grabbed expert Ira Rothken, to share what we all need to know about NFTs. I think the conversation is pretty darn good!

The ABCs of NFTs for Creators, Buyers, Sellers, and Investors (recorded)
For those of you using live and recorded video to connect with clients and build your brand, take a few minutes to check out these 7 tips. They’ve been working well for me and I think they’ll work for you too.
7 Steps for Creating Provocative and Entertaining Live and Recorded Videos
I was honored to be profiled in this new Law360 article. Take a look if you’ve been thinking about becoming a hybrid or virtual practice.
Lawyers interested in creating a hybrid or virtual practice via Law360. Great article…
Mitch Jackson, Esq. on Twitter: "Honored to be profiled, along with Lisa and a few friends, in this month's @Law360 article, "Tech Tools To Help A Virtual Law Practice Thrive" by @Steven_Lerner. Thank you!"
I’m very impressed with Strike. It’s as easy to use as Venmo and allows all of us to pay for products and services using bitcoin. Some of our clients are already using the app to pay their legal invoices.
Strike may be the Venmo of Bitcoin!
We’re kicking the tires on this app and will let you know what we think. Here’s an interesting interview with Strike’s founder, Jack Mallers.
There’s a new client expectation that we all need to be aware of, and exceed, in today’s crazy upside down COVID19 world. I had the chance to share of few thoughts with Clio CEO Jack Newton, on his “Matters” podcast. Enjoy!
Mitch Jackson, Esq. on Twitter: "Lawyers: Learn how to be client-centered in a Covid19 world. In this #podcast episode of Matters (from @goclio), organizational leaders, educators, and practicing attorneys share exactly what attorneys need to do to keep pace. Enjoy!"
Well, that’s it for this week. Please stay in touch and never stop making each day your masterpiece!
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Curated breaking and trending biz, legal and tech tweets, posts and news each Wednesday morning.


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