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Mitch Jackson's Weekly Business, Law and Tech Update! - Win a FREE Oculus Quest 2! Issue #22

Normally my Wednesday newsletter drops at 10 am ET. We delayed this issue for a couple of hours to allow us to finalize this special holiday giveaway.
As you probably already know, I’m “all in” on the metaverse, web3, VR and frankly, everything related thereto. I hope that this fun giveaway will spark some excitement and interests in the space and result in new vocal advocates for how amazing this new technology is and how it’s bringing all of us closer together.

Win an Oculus Quest 2
I’m excited about the impact that the Metaverse, Web3, and VR are having on the world. I feel so strongly about the upside of this technology that I’m doing all I can to get as many friends and clients as possible involved as early adopters.
To help do this, I’m giving away a free Oculus Quest 2 headset to one lucky winner located in the United States. Hopefully, it will help someone –maybe even you– start enjoying this new technology. The giveaway will happen on Monday, December 20th. I’ll announce the winner on Twitter.
Three Easy Steps
All you need to do to be eligible is to complete the following three steps all designed around building community, encouraging engagement, and based around a common interests in these spaces:
Step #1: Follow me on Twitter (I’m @mitchjackson). Create a public tweet, tag me, and say hello. In your tweet, share your answer to these two questions: “Why do you want the Oculus Quest 2?” “How will you use your Oculus Quest 2 in your business or profession?” In your tweet, make sure to include the hashtag #metaverselawyer so my team can find your tweet when selecting a winner. If you need to expand, continue with a DM.
Step #2: Get my weekly email newsletter. The good news is that you’re already a subscriber! I’m including this here just in case you forward this email to a couple of friends (totally OK with me). They need to know that this newsletter is where I curate breaking and trending biz, legal, and tech tweets, posts, and news each Wednesday morning.
Step #3: Join and become active in my “Law, Metaverse and Web3” Discord community. In the “oculus-contest” channel, tell me why you are excited about the metaverse, web3 and VR, and why you should win the Oculus Quest 2. Click here to connect on Discord.
In addition to completing all three steps, one of the most significant factors I’ll be looking at is how active you are and how much value and engagement you add to my Twitter and Discord communities.
That’s it. These are the three simple steps to become eligible to win your very own Oculus Quest 2.
Use this opportunity to stay connected with me. Have fun interacting with my community and add value by helping others in the community.
Again, I’ll be announcing the winner on Monday, December 20th, on Twitter. Of course, this giveaway is only valid in states that allow for this kind of thing. For shipping purposes, the giveaway is limited to residents of the United States.
Thanks for having fun with me and participating and sharing this giveaway. Also, thanks for embracing the Metaverse, Web3, and all the wonderful people, companies, and evolving technology in this space.
Enjoy the journey and never stop making each day your masterpiece!
PS- If you want to double your chances of winning the Oculus Quest 2, direct message me on Twitter or Discord and let’s set some time aside to jump into the metaverse together ( or Facebook/Oculus Horizon Workrooms). These platforms work great with your laptop and desktop (Spatial also works with your smartphone), so you don’t need an Oculus to check things out. People that take the time to do this will increase their chances of winning the giveaway.
Rules: All state laws apply. All giveaway decisions are final. All contestants must be residents and located in the United States (for shipping purposes). The Oculus Quest 2 will be ordered directly from Oculus and shipped directly, via Oculus, to the winning person’s address. Availability and deliverability, including all issues relating thereto) are subject to normal orders placed at the Oculus website during this time of year. No guarantees or warranties are made. The idea is to have fun with this giveaway and we hope that everyone enjoys the process and the winner enjoys the Oculus. This disclaimer is incorporated by reference herein.
Join my new communities on Discord and Clubhouse.
PS- You can see past issues via this link!
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