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Mitch Jackson's Weekly Business, Law and Tech Update! Issue #31

Welcome to the intersection of law, business and technology.
Each week I curate a few of my favorite posts, tweets and updates from the prior week. I hope you find value with my choices and recommendations.
After you’ve had a chance to dive into this week’s issue and take a look at the links and content I shared, please take a minute, hit “reply,” and share your thoughts and feedback. I’d really like to hear from you.

New Metaverse and Web3 Videos on TikTok
We’re sharing short and sweet daily TikTok videos about the metaverse and web3. This is one of the most popular daily series of videos that I’ve ever done. Click here to bounce over to TikTok and let me know what you think. For those of you not on TikTok (I get it, it’s not for everyone), we’re repurposing most of these videos on Instagram.
Sexual Harassment in the Metaverse Workplace
Yesterday I shared this post in my weekly LinkedIn newsletter. Within 24 hours it had hundreds of views and dozens of comments across social. Long story short, it resonated with a lot of business owners. If you are thinking about expanding part or all of your company to the metaverse, you may want to give this issue a careful read.
NFT Safety and Due Diligence
I had a blast joining Sebastian Rusk on his “NFT’s Suck” podcast and sharing actionable steps that NFT creators and investors can do, right now, to stay safe and protect themselves. Listen and share here.
Other Popular Tweets/Stories
"This was fun! I enjoyed chatting with @JasonFalls earlier today on, "The Case for Your Brand and the Metaverse." Listen/watch here #metaverse #vr #marketing #branding…"
"No metaverse today! 😎 Go ⚡️@RamsNFL⚡️ 🏈👍… "
"Psychology Professor, Keynote Speaker, Columnist and friend, @DrMDrouin, has a new book coming out titled, "Out of Touch: How to Survive an Intimacy Famine." Join me in pre-ordering and supporting this amazing human being and project. Please share!…"
That’s it for this week. Hope you enjoyed this issue!
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Between now and the next time we chat, be safe, enjoy the journey, and never stop making each day your masterpiece!
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