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Mitch Jackson's Weekly Business, Law and Tech Update! Issue #26

Welcome to the intersection of law, business and technology.
Each Wednesday morning I curate a few of my favorite posts and tweets from the prior week. I hope you find value with my choices and recommendations.
After you’ve had a chance to dive into this week’s issue, it would mean the world to me if you’d please hit reply, say hello and share your thoughts and suggestions.
Thank you!

How to Communicate in the Metaverse
There’s more to just “being in the metaverse.” Learning how to communicate in the new macro and micro metaverse spaces will help you build relationships, expand your brand, and find success.
In this issue of my LinkedIn newsletter, I share the best ways I know to help you communicate better in the Metaverse. Click here to read.
EngageVR Metaverse
I’m a big fan of the EngageVR Metaverse. In fact, earlier today I hosted a “meetup” in the platform and we all were able to test and play around with the different venues (conference room, stage, conference rooms).
If you’d like to join us each week, get on my update list and a day or two before the each metaverse meetup, I’ll share an email with details, link and password.
My Favorite App in 2022
BombBomb is my “go to” favorite app in 2022 for creating short and easily sharable videos. Trust me on this one, give it a try.
My Favorite App in 2022 is BombBomb (also pay attention to the metaverse) on Vimeo
My Favorite App in 2022 is BombBomb (also pay attention to the metaverse) on Vimeo
I’m Live RIGHT NOW (11 am ET)
Join us right now on the Tim & Jim show. A few of us are sharing our digital business, marketing and branding predictions for 2022. What do you think I’m focusing on?
The 10 Best Marketing Blog Posts of 2021
My good buddy, Mark Schaefer, hit this end-of-year post out of the park. Each of Mark’s 10 posts are worth reading and taking action on moving forward in 2022. Enjoy!
That’s it for this week. Happy New Year!
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Between now and the next time, enjoy the journey and never stop making each day your masterpiece!
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