Mitch Jackson's Weekly Business, Law and Tech Update! - Issue #21



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Happy Thanksgiving and Welcome to the Metaverse!
This week I’m sharing my favorite content involving digital art, client expectations, and the quickly changing metaverse. I hope you find something in this issue that sparks your interests and plants a few new ideas in your mind.
For those of you in the United States celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope your day is full of love and happiness. For all my other friends around the world, enjoy, stay healthy, and keep making each day your masterpiece!

The intersection of art, business and technology. Meet Benny Or.
I had the pleasure of meeting Benny in Clubhouse and we took things over to “The Meeting Place” in the metaverse. What he and Cyril Lancelin are creating is truly amazing.
Benny Or
Inspired by the comminity. Thank you @mitchjackson for seeing the future with us. 🙏✨💕 Your support means the 🌎 to me. Also happy to meet there again anytime you want. 😁
How to Exceed Client Expectations and Provide Better Experiences in 2022
Matters: A podcast from Clio | How to Provide Great Client Experiences While Working from Literally Anywhere
This tweet blew up these past two weeks.
I meant every single word. If you need my help over the holidays, I’m here for you. It really is that simple.
Let's help each other. Let's make a positive difference in the world. Let's stay connected.

Let's start here on Twitter.

Connect, jump into my DM, or dive a bit deeper at

I'm here for you!

#law #tech #blockchain #NFT #entrepreneur
Do you know what the Howie test is? You should, it’s important.
Which #NFTs are securities? The Howey test explained in detail. Creators, promotors, platforms, buyers and sellers, please read.

#metaverse #web3
Seven steps to creating your first NFT. So good! Thanks Ryan Foland!
Creating your first #NFT is easier than you think with this handy guide from Ryan Foland. Enjoy and share your NFTs with me!
Just picked up my latest NFT titled, “Sail Away.” It’s 100% me!
Thanks Ryan Foland for sharing your art with the world!
Join my new communities on Discord and Clubhouse.
While you’re enjoying your family, friends and Thanksgiving, please stay safe and never stop making each day your masterpiece!
PS- You can see past issues via this link!
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