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Mitch Jackson's Weekly Business, Law and Tech Update! - Issue #18

Each Wednesday morning at 10 am ET, I share in this newsletter my favorite curated breaking and trending biz, legal, and tech tweets, posts, and news.
This week I’m introducing you to a new show I’m producing with attorney Ira Rothken (checkout his Wikipedia page–pretty darn impressive) and also sharing the best content I’ve come across or been asked about since last Wednesday.
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OK, it’s been a busy week. Let’s dive in!

This is the new show I’m producing with Ira. Our AI shares all the details in the above video (check it out, it’s kind of cool).
The topic is law, policy and digital, and our guests will include leading industry experts and people changing the digital landscape in positive and exciting ways.
Ira and I will also each bring our decades of legal experience relating to startups, digital and litigation, into each conversation to provide listeners and viewers with unique perspective and massive value in every show. An ongoing theme of the show will include the metaverse, NFTs, blockchains and cryptocurrency. Our AI explains it best in the above video.
Most of the other details, including our email update list and this Thursday’s Twitter Space, can be found here.
By the way, we used Synthesia to to create compelling AI videos from text in 50+ languages. It’ll save you time, money and unnecessary aggravation.
NFTNYC is Happening!
NFT.NYC brings the Non-Fungible Token community together in NYC for debates, talks, workshops & briefings from the leading names and brands in blockchain. I’ve been staying on top of things from the other side of the country (Southern California) via it’s Twitter thread.
NFT Tax Law Issues
I don’t enjoy being the bearer of bad news but yes, the NFT and cryptocurrency space brings new income tax reporting challenges to everyone who’s bought, sold or transferred a NFT or cryptocurrency. It’s more complicated than you think. Here’s a good Twitter thread sharing some of the details.
New #NFT Book Drop
Get this 1/1 with Jennifer Quinn. Be the only person to own this edition while unlocking exclusive one on one marketing consulting bonuses. Take a look here on OpenSea.
Navy Seal Commander explains why wake up at 4am
Navy Seal Commander explains why wake up at 4am
Every Successful Business Owner I Know Does Something Like This (in their own way).
What time do you get up? Casey Neistat and Jocko Willink share why this is so important. Checkout the video and let me know what you think. I thought it was so good I shared it with my 21 year old son who’s a senior at the USC Marshall School of Business (I think he sleeps in too late).
I also noticed this comment on YouTube which made me laugh:
I heard when Jocko left home at 13, he turned to his dad and said, “your the man of the house now.”
Seth Godin: Taking risks, fear, and special guest Chris Brogan on being brave (S1:E4) - The 10 Minute Podcast | Podcast on Spotify
Thursday Night Twitter Spaces
Join us to talk law, digital, tech, metaverse, nft, blockchain and crypto. Click here for the link.
Mitch Jackson, Esq. on Twitter: "Thursday Night #TwitterSpaces w/attorneys @rothken and @MitchJackson ⚖️ Weekly law, policy and technology chat w/Q&A. We're live at 8 pm ET. #metaverse #nft #blockchain #cryptocurrency #digital #tech #law #metaworldshow…"
New NFTs Added to my Collection
This week we added several new originals to my “Ocean and Harbor” NFT Collection. I may give one away during our Thursday night Twitter Spaces. If you’re interested, make sure to (1) reply to this tweet and tell me why you’d like one of my NFTs and, (2) join us Thursday night at our Twitter Spaces.
Fantastic New NFT Resource!
As Ryan Foland shares in his tweet, “The NFT Handbook- How to Create, Sell and Buy Non-Fungible Tokens” by Matt Fortnow and QuHarrison Terry is very good. If you’re trying to figure out what all the excitement is about, grab your copy today!
How I Create My Videos While Running and Paddle Boarding (Out and about vids)
A few of you reached out to me after seeing my running and SUP pics/vids this week. The equipment and techniques I use are shared in this video. After you shoot your own videos, tag me or share the link so I can see what you’re up to!
SUKU went into auction mode.
SUKU offers transparency and authenticity solutions for the physical and digital world. Checkout the link and twitter thread. Full disclosure, I’m an investor.
OK. That’s about it for this week. As you can see, it’s been a busy one!
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Between now and the next Wednesday morning issue, please stay in touch and never stop making each day your masterpiece!
PS- You can see past issues via this link!
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Curated breaking and trending biz, legal and tech tweets, posts and news each Wednesday morning.


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