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OK, let’s dive in!

3D Display Platform
I started testing out the 3D features of to share our NFTs. Very slick. Take a look here.
I encourage you to give thought to how you can tap into this free service, especially after taking into consideration that your NFTs can be art, reports and almost anything else you may want to create. For example, I’ll be dropping my new book on the blockchain!
The most reliable way to stream video.
The most reliable way to stream video.
Micro Level Investing in Startups
Invest in the future you believe in- Access highly-vetted investment opportunities in startups, real estate, video games, and crypto.
Join me in using the power of crowdsourcing to start investing, at the micro level, in startups. I first heard about this platform while listening to Guy Kawasaki interviewing Chris Messina (inventor of the #) on Guy’s “Remarkable People” podcast. Not only does do much of the preliminary due diligence for you, it also offers you the option of an automated monthly investment plan based upon your preferences (my option). Very cool!
NFT’s, Crypto and Disclaimers
If you’re a professional indirectly or directly playing in the NFT and crypto sandboxes, think about using disclaimers with almost everything you do. We use something like what I shared in this tweet. Often times, we’ll also incorporate by reference our standard and more thorough disclaimer.
Mitch Jackson, Esq. on Twitter: "Respectfully suggest that lawyers, indirectly or directly involved with NFTs and crypto, should seriously consider using disclaimers like this 👇😁…"
Virtual Reality Video is Amazing!
Cathy Hackle shares the future of VR in our offices and places of business. Probably our personal lives too. Watch this video!
Create Better Content on Social Media
Take your brand to the next level with “HUMAN CONTENT.” I’m honored to be included in this article along with Mark Schaefer, Gary Vaynerchuk, Ted Rubin and others. Enjoy this post via @trevoryoung
Mitch Jackson, Esq. on Twitter: "Great read and spot on! "Human Content: Take your brand to the next level" via @trevoryoung"
How to Be Client-Centered in Business
The COVID pandemic has fundamentally and permanently transformed industries around the world—and the legal industry is no exception. In this episode of Matters, Jack Newton, CEO and Co-founder of Clio, and Nefra-Ann MacDonald, team leader of Affinity Partnerships at Clio, speak with organizational leaders, educators, and attorneys to hear how the practice of law has changed—and what attorneys need to do to keep pace.
I was honored to be a guest on the show (starts at the 22:29 mark), and really enjoyed listening to and learning from Jack, Nefra, and my co-guests Charlene Theodore, Elise Buie, and Bill Henderson.
You can listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher and YouTube. All the links are here.
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Curated breaking and trending biz, legal and tech tweets, posts and news each Wednesday morning.


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