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Mitch Jackson's Weekly Business, Law and Tech Update! - Issue #15

Each Wednesday morning I share my favorite curated breaking and trending biz, legal, and tech tweets, posts, and news. This week was crazy.
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How do you start the motivation process, especially when you don’t feel like doing anything? I shared these thoughts during last Sunday’s run at Salt Creek Beach.
‘Evolved Apes’ NFT creator Evil Ape allegedly disappears with $2.7M
What I’ve noticed over the last 35 years of practice is that 90% of the criminal defendants in court are good people who have made a bad decision. The other 10% are just really bad people. My advice as a lawyer is think before you act.
18 former NBA players, including 'Big Baby' Davis, charged in alleged $4 million health insurance fraud
Amazing story from 60 Minutes- Deepfakes: hyper-realistic pictures, videos and audio recordings that are created using artificial intelligence.
Be careful about using a photograph, even if it’s take of you, if you’re not the person who took the photo!
If you’re as excited as we are about #SyntheticMedia #Blockchain #NFT and #Cryptocurrency, let’s stay connected!
Want to meet the guy who invented the hashtag (#)? Guy Kawasaki interviews Chris Messina on Guy’s “Remarkable People Podcast.
Mitch Jackson, Esq. on Twitter: "I REALLY enjoyed @guykawasaki and @chrismessina (inventor of the hashtag) on Guy’s Remarkable People #Podcast during today's run. I also signed up for a new @joinrepublic account and ordered my @remarkablepaper. Those darn endorphins!😆 Podcast 👇…"
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