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Mitch Jackson's Marketing and Social Media - Issue #11

Video Production Reinvented with Artificial Intelligence!

None of us has enough time in the day to market and brand our businesses and practices the way we want to. Not creating enough good content is a big problem because we all know that to stand out, get noticed, and have our voices heard above all the noise, we need to make more entertaining, unique, and sharable social media content.
In today’s newsletter, I’m going to introduce you to a powerful technology that will allow you to easily and quickly do all of this and more.
In fact, I’m so blown away with this service that I stopped writing the newsletter I was working on all weekend and instead doubled down and focused on sharing this game-changing technology and service with you.
What am I talking about? What’s got me so excited?
The answer to both questions is the artificial intelligence service that allows you to use A.I. to create videos.
All you do is select your A.I. avatar presenter, type in your script, and get your video. If this isn’t video production reinvented, I don’t know what is.
The result is creating a video by simply typing your message into a box. You don’t have to worry about how you look or setting up your lights, camera, and microphone. No more spending two hours or two days to create a 60-second video.
Instead, all you do is copy and paste what you want your avatar to say, select the avatar you wish to use, customize with background music, text, and other display options, and you have a fantastic video you can use for:
  • Learning and development.
  • Corporate communications.
  • Personalized videos.
Did I mention that you can select from dozens of avatars and create your video in 50 different languages? In my English videos, I noticed that I can choose the audio to be professional, casual, excited, and several other modes.
Here’s an example I created to promote my social audio and video blog, Streaming.Lawyer. Now here’s the best part (at least for me). After getting back from a run last night, I quickly jumped onto my laptop, nowhere close to being camera-ready, and cranked this out in just a couple of minutes.
Mitch Jackson, Esq.
"It's the intersection of law, business and digital in a 2021 world."
If you want, you can personalize even further by creating and uploading your own avatar, voice, slides, backgrounds, music, and almost anything else that comes to mind.
For me, I’m going to keep my videos short and sweet (less than 60 seconds) and use them for:
  • Onboarding new clients to the law firm.
  • Social media posts highlighting breaking news and designed to bring people back to a specific landing page or blog post.
The company and A.I. tech I’m so excited about is Synthesia (affiliate link), and it’s one of my favorite new marketing and branding tools. Its goal is to power a video-first internet, and its investors include Mark Cuban, FirstMark, LDV Capital, and Seedcamp. Its mission is to build synthetic media technologies that maximize human creativity and minimize the harmful use of A.I. 
I recommend you kick the tires and give it a try. 
OK, that’s about it for today. I am heading down to the harbor for a quick paddleboard around the island. If you have any questions or comments, hit “reply,” and I’ll respond when I get back to dry land.
Until next Wednesday, enjoy the journey and never stop making each day your masterpiece! 
P.S.- Please share my newsletter ( if you feel it adds value.
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