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Miss Kim Rub Weekly Newsletter - Issue #7

Miss Kim Rub Weekly News
Miss Kim Rub Weekly Newsletter - Issue #7
By Miss Kim Rub • Issue #7 • View online
Hello darlings 🌞🌸🐝
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  4. Media Interviews (1 this week)
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  7. New Blogs
  8. PMA
  9. Queen Bee of the Week
  10. Favourite Things: books or films or shows or music or art etc

Me, Myself & I
Our ticket agent hasn’t sent the ticket link for the next event yet, so we are going to have to wait another week before we announce the date. Still, we have waited this long…what’s another week? In the mean time I’m going to be posting on my Instagram @RubberCult profile. Spread the word, tell your friends, Like, Share and Retweet whenever you can.
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Rubber Cult also has Twitter and Fetlife.
You’ve still got plently of time before the next Rubber Cult to take a Latex Workshop. This will resume on May 1st 2021 with a 1-2-1 classes in East London. Check out Latex Workshop on the Club-Rub site.
Media Interviews
Brand new site call for those of us that don’t want to edit our photos or only use vanilla/tame ones on Instagram. Join me? It’s got a ⭐️ in the name.
Love rubber photos? My OF is £15 a month. The back catalogue is 7K photos and 900 films and growing EVERY day. Not all images are latex!
Interesting Stuff
TikTok baffles me but that’s OK as as my darling Mistress Severin edits and uploads the films. We’re @Mother.Daughter.Act come and follow us for PG rated fun.
Support Me?
Showing support for me, one of the self employed who can’t work ATM, is a simple as buying me a £3 cuppa coffee. Happy to chat over our coffee too…on
Buy Miss Kim Rub a Coffee. - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get donations from fans, with a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.
My Amazon influencer page is about shopping recommendations. I get asked what a good ring light to use? Or what camera is best for vlogging? Or where to get urethral sounds? They are all on my profile plus beauty stuff (reuseable face mask - pictured), home and glamour buys!
MissKim's Amazon Page
New Blogs
This week I wrote a blog called London Mistress One Year, about all the positive thing that have happen over the last 12 months. It’s not all doom and gloom.
Always have a positive mental attitude
Always have a positive mental attitude
Queen Bee of the Week
👑🐝 of the week is Mistress Adreena Angel. Beautiful and “a woman of dubious moral character…”. She’s a sexyMF.
Follow my Queen Bee Society on Twitter and Instagram.
Mistress Adreena
Mistress Adreena
Just a few of my favourite things! I generally post my favourite things on my Instagram @KimClubRub.
Kaftans…I have quiet a collection now. It started in an effort to keep those pesky mosquitos away from my bare flesh, whilst at my house in Spain. This one is the newest. I got it last September and haven’t been to Spain since then :(
Grace is a knowing…accepting and not resisting. Making good choices for yourself.
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Thank you for reading darlings. Have a great week.
Miss Kim 💋
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