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Miss Kim Rub Weekly Newsletter - Issue #11

Miss Kim Rub Weekly News
Miss Kim Rub Weekly Newsletter - Issue #11
By Miss Kim Rub • Issue #11 • View online
Hello darlings,
Hope you enjoy my new newsletter this week. Content includes:
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  3. OnlyFans Content
  4. Media Interviews
  5. Interesting stuff like; #outfitoftheday #towerbridge #audiobooks #newequipment #recommendations #podcasts
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  7. New Blogs
  8. PMA
  9. Queen Bee of the Week
  10. Favourite Things: books or films or shows or music or art…etc

Me, Myself & I
Just started a new exercise plan, as I don’t think an hour walk every day is enough. It’s just stretches, but every little helps. I usually do it while I wear my LED Light Therapy Mask. You can find it in my Amazon Influencer profile below.
Went to a wedding in the week. I was a witness. Very low key and safe. It felt so natural, unhurried, joyful and full of love. Wishing my friends all the happiness in the world.
Workshops & Events
Dominant ladies I have devised three summertime Mistress Workshop specials…something different. We deserve a treat! Dates July 10th, August 7th and September 4th 2021. Ticket links coming soon. Or email:
This has been my best month so far. Not sure why. November was very good too. It is amazing value for money at ONLY £15 a month. The back catalogue is 8K photos and 920 films and growing EVERY day.
Five new posts every day!
1. Triva & photo at 12pm
2. Client session photo set at 2pm
3. Animated gif of moi at 4pm - just for fun!
4. Modelling photo set at 6pm
5. Session film at 8pm
Media Interviews
Glow West Podcast interview on Twitter and Instagram @glowwestpodcast I’m in Ep 56. I talk about rubber fetishism, and what it’s like to work as a dominatrix, and how AMSR can be used in kink. Listen where you get your podcasts Apple or Spotify
Interesting Stuff
My Amazon influencer page is about shopping recommendations. My recent purchases have been few, however, I’ve added a few more products since last week. Love my LED Light Therapy Mask.
Also these Carvela sock trainers…encrusted with black rhinestones!
MissKim's Amazon Page
Support Me?
It’s still very quiet. Business could be better. If you enjoy what I do; tweets, blogs, content sites, newsletters, Queen Bee Society free event (as and when) and my PMA, then send me something from my Wish List. Or £ Gift Card sent to my Amazon account would be most welcome. Use the email:
New Blogs
Communicate in English is a blog I wrote a few months ago. I’m now back working as a dominatrix. Call me to book an appointment 07729003220.
Make every day count. If you are healthy, of mind and body, then the world is your bail of hay!
Queen Bee of the Week
👑🐝 of the week is unique Mistress Manouch, located on the south coast.
Follow my Queen Bee Society drinks event on Twitter and Instagram.
Join me on Instagram? You must have an active profile for me to accept you to this private account, and see my favourite things! I generally post a few times everyday on my Instagram @KimClubRub.
Love, love, love clothes and style, not one for fashion however! See some of my #outfitoftheday
My favourite quote is by William Shakespeare. In Act 1, Scene III of the famous play, Hamlet, Polonius says: “This above all: to thine own self be true. And it must follow, as the night the day.
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Thank you for reading darlings. Have a great week.
Miss Kim 💋
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