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Miss Kim Rub Weekly News
Miss Kim Rub Weekly News - Issue #4
By Miss Kim Rub • Issue #4 • View online
Hello darlings 👠👠💋🙏
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  4. Media Interviews (x 2 this week)
  5. Interesting stuff like; #outfitoftheday #towerbridge #newequipment #purchases #recommendations
  6. Support Me?
  7. New Blogs
  8. PMA
  9. Queen Bee of the Week
  10. Favourite Things like; a book or film or show or music or art

Me, Myself & I
I’ve four Instagram profiles. On @KimClubRub I cover my personal life, sharing my #outfitofthedsay, stuff that I’ve bought, my daily walk to Tower Bridge, family stuff and much more.
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My Workshops
One of the workshops that I offer is my Latex Workshop where I teach both sexes how to work with latex. It’s a tricky fabric to get to grips with. If you are ‘handy’ it will hopefully be easier for you.
Mistress Workshop 2021 - Miss Kim Rub Mistress Workshop 2021
Very proud of my OnlyFans content, it’s well worth £15 a month subscription. Plus dont forget you get to watch all the back catalogue of 6,660 photos, 772 films and 30 audio. Not bad!
Media Interviews
On Saturday the beautiful mistress Ava Von Medisin and I, talked to Nicholas Tanek on YourKinkyFriends.com. Visit the site again on Wednesday, by which time he will have uploaded Saturdays’ YouTube ‘live’.
Plus a recent interview on the mistress directoy site: Mistress Elite.
Interesting Stuff
Interestingly I’m on TikTok, with my daughter! We are called @Mother.Daughter.Act which is exactly what we are (not the real thing!). It’s very PC and PG, as Mistress Severin and I don’t want kicking off!
Support Me?
I’ve got some lovely people who buy we a £3 cuppa coffee a week, and others who treat me more regularly with many more coffees! However, I appreciate everyone, and I always send a thank you message. Very often we have a chat too.
Buy Miss Kim Rub a Coffee. ko-fi.com/misskimrub - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get donations from fans, with a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.
My Amazon influencer page is about recommendations. I get asked what a good ring flash to use? Or what camera is best? Or where to get urethral sounds? They are all on my profile plus beauty stuff,
MissKim's Amazon Page
New Blogs
This week, it’s a compilation of my media interviews in a Blog.
Something positive to start the week.
Something positive to start the week.
Queen Bee of the Week
👑🐝 is Mistress Mika. On Twitter and OnlyFans as @mika_mistress Stunning on the outside and beautiful on the inside.
Just a few of my favorite things! I generally post my favourite things on my Instagram @KimClubRub.
My second home in Spain is an utter delight. I try go as often as I can.
I love, love, love these gloves. I’m a small BTW 💝
Womens Cream & Gold Leather Driving Gloves – Black.co.uk
Love my life. I’m blessed and grateful.
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Thank you for reading darlings. Have a great week.
Miss Kim 💋
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Miss Kim Rub

I'm the Queen Bee 👑🐝

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