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Miss Kim Rub Weekly News - Issue #3

Miss Kim Rub Weekly News
Miss Kim Rub Weekly News - Issue #3
By Miss Kim Rub • Issue #3 • View online
Hello darlings 👠👠💋🙏
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Me, Myself & I
I have my own QR code. Take a photo of the one above with your phone (if you’re not on your 📱) Here’s me keeping an eye on things. The whole photo set available is on my
My Workshops
The one and only Miss Kim’s Mistress Workshop! Now in it’s ninth year.
Mistress Workshop 2021 - Miss Kim Rub Mistress Workshop 2021
On my page I have a Main Feature film every day at 8pm. Worth £15 a month just for 31 films alone! However, you get a total of five posts a day with two galleries; one is a session the other is some lovely unseen shots of moi. Triva with a photo and an animated gif.
Media Interviews
VIDEO CHAT: Miss Kim Rub w/ Nicholas Tanek - Your Kinky Friends
In Conversation With: Miss Kim | Bishopsgate Institute
Glow West Podcas‪t‬ Tortoise Shack Media
Interesting Stuff
There have been some amazing sunrises recently. However, I have missed many of them due to the fact it’s been so cold, and I can’t get motivated. This last weekend I made it out on my walks again, and resolve to do that daily. Spring is in the air…thank goodness!
Support Me?
Buy Miss Kim Rub a Coffee. - Ko-fi ❤️ Where creators get donations from fans, with a 'Buy Me a Coffee' Page.
MissKim's Amazon Page
New Blogs
I’m a prolithic blogger, I usually write one a week. There are over two hundred on my site.
Communicate in English - Miss Kim Rub
Started to do daily exercises, mainly to keep supple. I’ve found Youtube channel I like and will press play and join in daily.
Still a huge fan of Trinny London, watch all of her films. I particularly love the Closet Confessions. She is a JOY. Amazing woman.
Closet Confessions: Gilets | Fashion Haul | Trinny
Queen Bee of the Week
Blessed to have a great friend @mistress_tess1 She is a real powerhouse. Motivated. Hardworking. A real Queen Bee 👑🐝
Poem by William Blake. Plus I love his art. Galleries are one of my favourite things to do. This time last year I had just gone to the exhibition at Tate Britian…actually Dec 29th 2019. Last year in a Blog.
Just a few of my favorite things! I generally post my favourite things on my Instagram @Kimclubrub.
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Thank you for reading darlings.
Miss Kim 💋
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Miss Kim Rub

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