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Mini Video Pages + Video Initiative 714 - Issue #9

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Mini Video Pages / Video Initiative 714 - Newsletter Issue #8

A couple of sunny days in Mastichari, Kos, Greece. It's still a little quiet but at least there's now a choice of where to get coffee.


Mini Video Pages - Issue #7

I recently rediscovered the photograph I took of an "aerosol-on-concrete" image several years ago. In Prague, Czech Republic. I made some images from it........


Mini Video Pages - Issue #6

Our "714 Format Videos" have grown. We've given them a new home.


Mini Video Pages - Issue #5

Click here or the image below to see the video on a website promoting the village where Helios Travel's main office is based.


Mini Video Pages - Issue #4

I was in a local village on a bright sunny day last week. I took some video with my mobile phone. On transferring it to my PC I found it was 608 x 1080 pixels. I am sure I am not alone in this. So I set about creating a frame to create a 714 format video. I p…


Mini Video Pages - Issue #3

A friend asked me the other day if I would be interested in making video(s) she could use to promote her pilates courses. Here's a quick mock-up of an idea I posted to Facebook.


Newsletter of Mini Video Pages - Issue #2

This newsletter's focus is on web sites or pages using Mini video Pages or Video Initiative 714 methods. You are cordially invited to tell the world about yours and have them featured here. Email me - and/or drop links and comment in …


Weekly newsletter of Mini Video Pages - Issue #1

Here's some recent outputs promoting local businesses on the Greek island of Kos.