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A publishing imprint for books in the fantasy settings of Caer Innar. Based in Shizuoka, Japan and founded in 2019.

A publishing imprint for books in the fantasy settings of Caer Innar. Based in Shizuoka, Japan and founded in 2019.

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Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #16

For my own book news this month, the first title in my new Dragons In Dungeons series is now 'finished', and by that I mean by the time you read this it will be with my lovely editor. This one is a novella, and an introduction to the game that Elder Dragons h…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #15

This month I'm going to be kicking off a little section for the newsletter, which you can see I've called 'book talk'. I'm going to be taking this opportunity to dive a little into aspects of the world of Caer Innar, and also answer any questions you might ha…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #14

A few exciting updates to share with you all this time. First of all, pre-orders for book 4 of the Three Crowns - Old Stones & Broken Bones is now live on Amazon. If you haven't placed your order yet, you can do so here!As I mentioned last month, this is …


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #13

If you do find yourself at a loss for what to read in-between Old Stones & Broken Bones, and The First Trinity, then fear not, for I have the perfect answer for you.Jamie Edmundson's epic The Weapon Takers Saga has just been released as a complete boxset.…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #12

Onto better things, and starting with book 4 'Old Stones & Broken Bones', the 3rd draft has now been finished, and will hopefully soon be checked over by the lovely LJ Conrad, who should be known to you as the person who fixes my mess of 'writing'. If all…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #11

For those of you who enjoy airships and bounty hunters there is something coming soon for you! A new short story, featuring the soon to be infamous Captain Valentine is nearly finished and will be released across the usual platforms. This will be the first of…


Synthetic Minds Press - A Christmas / New Year special

This bonus email is going out today to wish you all a very happy season and I hope you are all in the position to be sharing it with those closest to you. Not in the emotional sense, I just mean I hope there are lots of people standing really close to you rig…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #10

Here is the glorious new cover for Rebirth of the Mage, I hope you all like it as much as I do! (I like it a lot, in case you need a sort of quantifiable level to compare yourself to)The Spear of Irinden will soon join the first 'trilogy' of the Three Crowns …


Synthetic Minds Press - Issue #9

Onto more book related stuff, I'm doing NanoWrimo this year, which for those of you who don't know, it's a challenge that takes place over November where people around the globe try to write a 50,000 word book in one month.Naturally, at this speed there is li…


Synthetic Minds Press - Issue #8

I seem to have stumbled upon a kind of armour plated angelfish theme for the Rholian's, which I rather like and will be adding some colour to later on. Working on some other designs for the other nations too, trying to keep it all a bit nautically themed and …


Synthetic Minds Press - Issue #7

Chances are if you are reading this you are either related to me, in which case please don't do this as it is against Amazon's review policy, or you have already left a review, in which case, thanks!However, on the off chance that you have read either 'A Donk…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #6

Hello all you lovely people reading this today! I'm back with issue 6, which means I've been doing this newsletter for half a year. It's been a pretty busy six months too, but all in a good way. First of all, I must say a massive thank you to everyone who sha…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #5

Thank you for joining me today via this digital message, I come bearing great news!First up, the eBook edition of A Donkey, A Stablehand And An Empire will be free to downloaded from Amazon this weekend! That's the 17th and 18th, hopefully two days from now, …


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #4

Rebirth of the mage is being edited as we speak. I know this because I get notifications every time my editor makes some changes thanks to google ignoring the fact that we turned notifications off. Still, things are well on the way here and assuming I haven't…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #3

Why hello there! Welcome one and all to issue 3 of the newsletter, I hope everyone has been having a good month!Things have been pretty busy over here, with things ticking over nicely on book 2's editing process and book 3 ever so nearly finished as a first d…


Synthetic Minds Press Newsletter - Issue #2

The map above is actually from a later period of time in the history of Caer Innar, which I have called the Archanical age after the widespread use of magic powered technology. There is a bit more on this in a short story that was published last year, though …


Synthetic Minds Press - Issue #1

Hello everyone, and welcome to this month's newsletter. First of all, I'd like like to thank everyone who has taken the time to subscribe, it really means a lot to me that you want these updates!It's been a pretty crazy month, but in a good way since the firs…