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Information overload; Data scraping; Spotify's podcasts

Milk, No Sugar
📖 Issue 350

Happy Sunday/Monday folks!
It was my 2 year work anniversary this week, which is pretty wild given what has happened in the world during that time.
I was telling a few colleagues that I feel as if we’ve all been through a few different “phases” of growth and exposure during this time and they individually would be enough.
I’ve never really stuck at a job for longer than around two and a half years, which I think is industry standard. Thankfully, I see a tonne more opportunity for growth at the moment and I’m sticking around for the loooong haul.
That’s a pretty good indicator of your happiness really – can you see yourself growing within this role / relationship / whatever, or are you stagnating and need a shake-up?
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❶ Information overload is a choice
Information overload is almost my middle name. I spend about 1.5/2 hours a day reading stuff at work, so I can relate to the problem very well. Whether it’s a choice or not is – I believe – out of our hands. Sometimes we need it to feel effective. However, this article puts forward a good case, and also presents a few ideas to help you manage it.
❷ Data scraping – we're fair game
It’s probably no surprise that practically every move we’re making online is being monitored by some company, somewhere, but have we every really stopped to consider it? Probably not, as it’s just what happens. This article is a bit of a deep dive into the practice, why it happens, who’s on top of it, and why we shouldn’t be so happy about it.
❸ Spotify's bet on podcasts – a dud?
They’ve spent nearly a billion dollars on their podcast offering, which is both impressive and alarming. The question of course is whether that has actually had a significant impact on their growth or revenue, and by the looks of some not-so-fancy charts, the answer is a big no. What!
Bonus round
  • Did you know that Twitter is releasing a longer-form feature called Notes? I’m excited 🤤
  • 20 things this person learned about being an over thinker. I relate hard to these by the way
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