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Milk, No Sugar
📖 Issue 323

I suppose I should probably write something about Elon Musk and Twitter, seeing as that’s the news right now.
The way I see it – if he can introduce the speed of delivery and innovation that Tesla et al are known for, we’re in for a wild ride. Of course, should these updates be heavily skewed towards enabling hate speech, we might as well just rebrand Twitter as Facebook.2.0.
I’m a little more optimistic, as I see this having potential to enable more and disable.
What do you think?
p.s. I know this issue is a day late. My life is all over the place at the moment 🙏
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Manchester, England
Manchester, England
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❶ Audio media and the promise of intimacy
Remember Clubhouse? I actually uninstalled it the other day after it had collected more dust than my apartment. This is a really well written article taking us through how so many companies have been on a mission to rediscover the “town square” of old through technology, but no one has quite cracked it. Nothing will beat in-person connections, but surely there is a platform waiting out there for us to capture the closeness of that, but through audio-only.
❷ What the best presenters do differently
This is definitely more on the practical side of article types, but is something I’m sure most of us are used to by now given we’ve been living in virtual meetings for what feels like a decade. Presenting is hard, often scary, and can ruin your day if it doesn’t go to plan. The best presenters though don’t just open a tool and start reading from the script, they bring you along for the ride. It’s all explained in this article 🎤
❸ Twitter has a new owner, here’s what he should do
Here’s someone a lot better at thinking through these scenarios than I am taking a punt at what the platform needs. As you can imagine, privacy is first and foremost here. Personally, I’d love it if they could prevent me being tagged in new NFT “drops” every day. Let’s remove the spam, once and for all!
Bonus round
🎧 Listen
The sound of Windows
As in the operating system, not the glass. This podcast will certainly give you some nostalgic feelings, as I’m sure we’ve all been through the often bizarre and incredibly familiar sounds of the Windows boot-up sound. Did you know that Brian Eno once wrote the intro sound? Weird, huh.
p.s. you can skip the first few minutes, it’s just annoying adverts.
Listen to this podcast (31 minutes)
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Milk, No Sugar
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