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Remove small talk, become smarter and more interesting.

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Zooming forever; The little ways; Creative walking

Hey everyone, I'm back after a week off. I'd encourage you to watch the video above (thanks Joe for sharing!). It's in insight into plans that the Saudi prince has for a 500m tall, 200m wide civilisation and housing structure called "The Line".If you think I'…


Medium; AI for social good; Product thinking

Hey, how cool were those pictures from the James Webb telescope this week? Did you know that the images are taken with an absence of colour, and a team manually add colour using...Photoshop? I'm not kidding, they add filters to the images to try and retrospec…


Understanding progress; Last humans; OK Computer

Hey folks!I'm going to try something new this week – mostly because there seems to be a lack of good articles around.I'll be sharing one main article, and then a bullet list of other cool things to check out.Let me know if you like it, or not of course.Have a…


Corporate palettes; Techno-optimism; Taken too far

Happy Sunday / Monday 🙌Over the past few weeks, I've spoken to more and more people who are feeling burned out. I think that we're hitting a burnout endemic in the "I work on a laptop" industry based on the past two+ years of people operating at above 100% pr…


Information overload; Data scraping; Spotify's podcasts

Happy Sunday/Monday folks!It was my 2 year work anniversary this week, which is pretty wild given what has happened in the world during that time.I was telling a few colleagues that I feel as if we've all been through a few different "phases" of growth and ex…


History of smiling; Online anonymity; The bubble

It was a pretty nuts week for me, I was in Paris and then Berlin to support us launching office there. We threw two huge in-person (yes!) parties and had an opportunity to meet our community face to face for the first time in a long while.I had kind of forgot…


What is data; Historical vertigo; The past

Hello from Paris!I was listening to a podcast this week with writer / director / producer / comedian Judd Apatow, and he said something which has been looping around my brain:Behind every cynic is a disappointed optimistI don't know why, but it stuck and prov…


Content machines; Endless uncertainty; Bad decisions

I was a guest on a YouTube series for early career designers this week (will share the video when I have it) and one question I was asked has stuck in my head.It was about the difference between large and small companies, how your work changes and how the enj…


Lucky Google; Managing up; Efficiency enemies

I'm feeling reeeeally tired this weekend. I'm not sure if it's just because I came back to work this week after a week off, or because the world is a lot right now.I think it's important to recognise when we're not feeling 100%, or even 90%, and make adjustme…


Subscriptions; We're so busy; Growth vs profitability

I had a good chat with a former colleague this weekend who received some really bad performance review feedback from a colleague.It hurt particularly hard because the feedback came as a surprise, which is the first red flag whenever it comes to feedback of an…


Falling apart; Africa's internet; Singularities

❶ Is everything falling apart?Would you agree that over the past 10 or 15 years, things just seem...harder? Stuff is pricier, jobs more insecure, housing harder to come by, and politics more in turmoil. The author of this article places social media at the co…


Audio startups; Presenting better; Twitter

I suppose I should probably write something about Elon Musk and Twitter, seeing as that's the news right now.The way I see it – if he can introduce the speed of delivery and innovation that Tesla et al are known for, we're in for a wild ride. Of course, shoul…


Algorithms; Financial competition; Digital disconnectivity

I was in Madrid early this week for an actual in-person, real, not on Zoom half day workshop. Let me person!It was a bit of a test for us all, with people forgetting that traffic was a thing, me having a realisation that I'm so used to looking in …


Media innovation; How people think; Giving feedback

Hello from Madrid!This week I've been working on freelance work before my actual job in the mornings (I know) but realised that the constricted time for this work has actually forced me to become so much better at it.It can't last, because starting work at 6.…


Common sense; Priorities; Meetings

Hello again!You'd be right in thinking that I didn't send an issue last week. I was feeling particularly un-creative, and I think that's okay. We don't always need to be on top of our game.It gave me an opportunity to take a much needed breather and come back…


OKR addiction; Adaptive thinking; Meetings

I'm going to borrow steal a phrase from a colleague this week about feedback. Classically, giving feedback is described as "feedback is a gift!", but this doesn't necessarily ring true because gifts are rare and they are often surprises which you didn't ask f…


Coffee; Paranoia; Hypergrowth

I wrote an article (included below) in 30 minutes today. This is normally how I work, because I get either bored or distracted on things that take a long time.So I thought I'd share something about my process for producing, well anything, so try and explain h…


Long distance thinking; Internet rot; TikTok wars

I came across a pretty cool model for being more sustainable earlier today, it's called the "Avoid-Shift-Improve" approach.It's quite self explanatory, but Avoid is where you cut out high-powered activities. For example, not driving as much. Shift is where yo…


Sliced bread; Innovation slowdown; Earth's intelligence

I'm back! A one week break from the newsletter turned into two. Sometimes you just need a little rest.I went on vacation and didn't think about work or personal projects for longer than I think I ever have (I normally travel with a laptop), which felt very ve…


Automated design; Subtraction; Investment internet

I was given some incredibly useful feedback this week – when people ask me for feedback on something, I typically focus on what can be improved. This is great, but what about what's going well? I tend to ignore this bit, which can come across as dismissive an…