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By Miles Klee

Internet nonsense and chill vibes.

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☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🛒 Traitor Joes 🛒

Nice to type at you fine people once again, here at the end of a long, weird week. The strangest highlight for me came at the dentist's office, where, after some routine X-rays of my mouth, I got to see the images up on a big screen. I wish they wouldn't do t…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ ✝️ Jesus Ween ✝️

Hey there, and don't worry, not even a second week of Kidney Person drama could get me to talk about that story (beyond this brief mention, anyway). I don't value my tenuous sanity all that much, but even I have limits. Instead of dwelling on the literary unp…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🩸 Ruth Bleeder Ginsburg 🩸

Man oh man, have you checked out sports lately? Because I happened to walk into a bar in L.A. in the 8th inning of the Dodgers wild-card game, and after they clinched it in the bottom of the 9th with a walk-off home run, I decided this team is my personality …


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🏠 In This House 🏠

How I've missed you, readers, and non-readers who haven't gotten around to unsubscribing yet. I will get straight to it: in this house we believe a few things. Like what? Uh, science. Yeah, science. And love, definitely love as well. Love is love, that's a fa…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ ⛰️ Mountains of Madness ⛰️

Listen. It's been an eventful bunch of days. Here in California, the effort to recall Gov. Gavin "Hank Hill Ass" Newsom came to an abrupt dead end as voters decided they still prefer a stock 1980s movie villain to Larry Elder, the one right-wing radio persona…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️💰 9/11 Grindset 💰

Greetings, gang, and I hope you had a lovely Labor Day. Unless you work in retail or food service, in which case I know you did not. Sorry about that, and let's try to get the kinks in this holiday ironed out. L'shanah tovah as well to those who celebrated Ro…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🥸 The Mustache Haver 🥸

It's been another week packed with shitty news, but somehow, in the din of competing apocalypses, I stirred controversy by writing about how great it is to go to the bathroom without my phone, which used to accompany me whenever I went in there. Some readers …


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🇮🇹 Big Italy 🇮🇹

Howdy, y'all. I escaped the east coast just ahead of that hurricane with the fancy name and have returned to luxuriate in my natural desert climate. But one thing I'm already missing about the east coast, let me tell you, is the Italian food. We got up to Pro…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ ✈️ East Mode ✈️

Aloha from scenic Rhode Island, where I'm vacationing with my family — having seen neither them nor my native east coast in almost a year! Ah, to think I almost forgot what humidity felt like. But the ocean is sparkling, the beer is Narragansett, and the farm…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🐝 Bee the Change 🐝

What's up, sweaty people? I'm blasting the A/C every day, and, against all medical advice, rewatching True Detective Season 2. It's way funnier than you remember. Colin Farrell likens vaping to "suckin' a robot's dick." A+.


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🍆 Penis Girl 🍆

After a triumphant return to Los Angeles — as in, none of the houseplants died — I am already nostalgic for the best parts of Oregon. Dipping into a river every day. The unfathomably cheap, unbelievably potent weed. Feeling like one day I'll have a pickup tru…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🐀 Rebel Rat 🐀

Aloha from sunny Oregon! I'm writing this week's newsletter at a coffee shop in Portland, so picture me at my whitest — almost translucent.It was also very white of me to appear on the latest episode of Masters of Our Domain, a U.K. podcast devoted to Seinfel…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 💧 Dumb Water Diaries 💧

Greetings, fellow Earthlings. Isn't it wonderful to be stuck on this rock? Thank god the weekend is here. Finally time to crack open a cold one:


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🐗 Boss Hog 🐗

Hello, everyone, and I hope you're staying cool as the world catches fire. I, too, am disappointed that Richard Branson's space plane didn't explode with him aboard, but whaddayagonnado. While the billionaires are rocketing out of the atmosphere, the rest of …


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🥖 Let's Sweat This Bread 🥖

Let me assure you, the rumors are true: MEL Magazine, the world-class men's lifestyle and culture website (as well as my employer since 2017), after shutting down three months ago, is coming back with new owners.It'll be somewhat different, of course, but a l…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🏎️ deGrasse and the Furious 🏎️

Folks, I've returned from the wilderness, and I can again confirm that it is our greatest defense against the impulse to log on. Allow me to illustrate the difference between plugged-in city life and my mountain retreat:


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🎣 Gone Fishin' 🎣

So! By the time you read this, I'll be on trip with friends in California's beautiful Mammoth Lakes. I don't expect to actually go fishing, though it's always possible I'll fall out of a kayak and startle a trout or something. Point is, I figured it's a good …


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 🦇 The Batman Tongueth 🦇

Howdy, partners, and congrats on having the courage to check your inbox this last day of the working week. It's been a hot time here in sunny California, but that didn't stop a few billion people from queuing up to try and get into mask-free Disneyland withou…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 💩 Viva Diarrhea 💩

Greetings and TGIF, my angels and sweethearts. I'd be lying if I said I really remembered anything that happened this week—I live from one scam call about my car warranty to the next—but I can almost definitely assure you that time has elapsed since we last h…


☁️ Miles High Club ☁️ 📱Samsung Waifu 📱

Hello again, and wow, do I feel normal! Over the holiday weekend, I enjoyed a family pool party, a pizza picnic in the park (after seeing a few rabbits, we were briefly menaced by a skunk), and a vigorous round of tennis followed by beers at a local brewery—w…