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Miles Klee
Miles Klee
Hey, you. It’s been a minute. Welcome to Miles High Club.

Man oh man, have you checked out sports lately? Because I happened to walk into a bar in L.A. in the 8th inning of the Dodgers wild-card game, and after they clinched it in the bottom of the 9th with a walk-off home run, I decided this team is my personality for as long as they keep winning.
Meanwhile, sorry to friends and family back home about the Yanks getting knocked out by the Red Sox. At least you’re not this Green Bay Packers fan who went viral for having to wash his crapped-in pants.
Can the guy get a season pass? The guy deserves a season pass.
Ruth Bleeder Ginsburg
If the merchandising of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was questionable when she was still alive, it has gone right off the deep end now that she’s passed away. Case in point, this art print, shared by Twitter user @hannahposts, that shows Notorious RBG on the toilet:
I’m not unsympathetic to the point that menstruation is natural, or that those who experience it have had historic influence. In fact, it had never occurred to me to imagine otherwise. So I’m at a loss to explain who needs a painting of ol’ Ruthie ruminating about this on the shitter. (Or, for that matter, Maya Angelou doing the same.)
Can these women rest in peace without weirdos valorizing their bodily functions for years to come? If anything is going to keep Ginsburg’s restless spirit tethered to the material world, it’ll be creepy crafts like this and fanfiction about what she’s doing in heaven. You can find much more at the cursed Instagram account @rbgcringe.
Why, so much has happened in the past year that you’ve probably forgotten that Washington D.C. hotel unveiling a pointillist mural of RBG made out of tampons shortly after she died.
Question: if a guest needs a tampon and finds themselves without, can they just pull one off the wall? It’s what she would have wanted…
Prequel Pique
Loyal readers will know what a freak I am for The Sopranos, and in the past week, lots of people have asked my opinion of the new prequel film, The Many Saints of Newark, which takes place in the 1960s and 1970s. There was a shout-out for my hometown—South Orange represent!—but otherwise, alas, my review aligns with Hesh’s take on alternative rock:
There are many things that rubbed me the wrong way in Many Saints, and I concede that Sopranos creator David Chase may be such a genius that in time I will appreciate a few of those decisions. However, and maybe it’s because I made the Rao’s meatballs with marinara for my viewing, I cannot abide the glaring lack of food in the film.
From grief ziti to panic-inducing gabagool, weaponized London broil tomotherfuckin’ goddamn orange peel beef, The Sopranos used cuisine to add layers of emotional resonance until each episode was a rich, fully formed lasagna of meaning. Everybody was eating all the time, and specific meals gave us powerful subtext for the drama surrounding otherwise quotidian activity. Consider Tony Soprano at dinner, facing an ugly divorce and given condolences by his restaurateur pal Artie Bucco:
Anyway, where Many Saints is concerned? Release the gravy cut.
Y'all Cum Back Now
That it took me 36 long years to learn there are multiple towns in the U.S. with the name Cumming (one in Iowa and another in Georgia) is rather unfortunate. But, thank god, I’m aware of both now.
Cumming, Georgia came to my attention by way of a Facebook ad from their local Walmart, which had innocently tried to stir up civic pride with a customized product—these exceptional coffee mugs:
Exclusive to the store! You don’t say! I think they might have dodged virality had the manufacturer not given the cups that dribbled, whitish coloring on top—someone knew exactly what they were doing.
Despite the unusually strong engagement, and the great exposure for their city, Walmart Supercenter Cumming nuked the post, leaving disappointed fans to continue sharing the image in other comment threads.
You heard it here first: Doug Dickerson ❤️Cumming. If he really wants to prove it, though, he’ll track down the official board game.
the van man
2 things you should know:

1. I’m from a town called Cumming, GA
2. Someone from our town designed a version of Monopoly for us and it’s selling at Walmart. https://t.co/5i3kfh0b8o
Goodness. What with the apparently constant orgasms, I don’t know how the fine people of Cumming get anything else done.
I assume I’ve disgusted you enough for one Friday, so here I shall take my leave. Hit me back with any comments, complaints, threats or marriage proposals you may have, and if you want to shell out $3 a month for this curated garbage, the link is at the bottom of the email.
See you again soon, and please enjoy the intrusive thoughts you’ll have after reading this exchange:
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Miles Klee
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