Mile Markers

By Nick Fouriezos

A bimonthly newsletter about the role of colleges in rural America, including profiles of people and places worth getting to know a little better. Written by Open Campus national reporter Nick Fouriezos, a Georgia native who has written from all 50 states and six continents.

A bimonthly newsletter about the role of colleges in rural America, including profiles of people and places worth getting to know a little better. Written by Open Campus national reporter Nick Fouriezos, a Georgia native who has written from all 50 states and six continents.

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When Colleges are Abortion Providers and Firefighters.

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: The mines, mill, and prison closed. What’s next?02: Roadside Attractions: Lab schools and CHIPS aid rural ed.03: In the Sticks: The changing roles of community colleges.04: Laying Seeds: A Wyoming science experiment.


Rural Higher Ed Gets Organized

Today’s Roadmap01: In the Sticks: Rural experts unite to improve higher ed.02: Roadside Attractions: The good, and bad, of digital efforts.03: Postcards: Floods, accents, and rural higher ed experiences.


The New Advisers: Bus Drivers, Coaches, and Cafeteria Workers

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: College advising adds some new faces.02: Roadside Attractions: Students at rural campuses feel the safest.03: In the Sticks: How coaches can help rural enrollment.04: Laying Seeds: Oregon and New Hampshire get federal help.


Lessons Learned In Covering Rural Education

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: What I have learned from covering rural education.02: Roadside Attractions: Texas plans broadband rollout for 1M+.03: In the Sticks: Transportation transforms education in Colombia.04: Laying Seeds: India sees expanded tech educa…


Advising Makes a Difference in Rural Colorado

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: College success in a tiny Eastern Plains town.02: Roadside Attractions: Shark Tank in the holler?03: In the Sticks: Q&A with Chalkbeat Colorado’s Jason Gonzales.04: Laying Seeds: From coal fields to Virginia Tech.


Internet for All … Except Rural Students?

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: ‘Internet for all’ leaves the most rural, poorest, disconnected.02: Roadside Attractions: The new college advisor: Your bus driver?03: In the Sticks: Taliaferro County’s uphill battle for broadband.04: Laying Seeds: Free transit …


What I Saw in 5 of CA's Least Educated Counties

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: A Dearth of Degrees in This California Corridor.02: Roadside Attractions: The White House wants ‘Internet for All’03: In the Sticks: How rural can Biden’s $30/month internet get?04: Laying Seeds: Texas Tech looks to staunch rural…


How Tech Changes Rural Student Outreach

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: How tech breaks down rural barriers.02: Roadside Attractions: Rurality Goes to Washington.03: In the Sticks: What online-first means for students.04: Laying Seeds: Calling rural authors.


A Rural Student’s Lost LSAT Year

Today’s Roadmap01: Postcards: Why taking the LSAT isn’t so simple for rural students.02: Roadside Attractions: Get funded with the White House’s Rural Playbook.03: In the Sticks: How to get more rural doctors and lawyers.04: Laying Seeds: Rural Washington get…


Is Rural Education Now Part-Time Education?

Today's Roadmap01: Postcards: Is part-time the emerging student majority?02: Roadside Attractions: V.R. career simulations hit the Ozarks.03: In the Sticks: How colleges are adapting to part-time needs.04: Laying Seeds: New grants for rural stopouts and colle…


Musk's Big Bet

Today's Roadmap01: Postcards: The perils of career steering in South Texas02: Roadside Attractions: The real hillbilly elegy.03: In the Sticks: Louisiana’s OER push, with Kim Hunter Reed.04: Laying Seeds: New Mexico’s path for adult learners.


Burger Refills and Broadband Access

Today's Roadmap01: Postcards: What a Digital SAT Can't Fix. 02: Roadside Attractions: For Whom the Pell Tolls.03: In the Sticks: Mapping Broadband Access in America.04: Laying Seeds: A New Promise for Appalachia. 


Can Esports Put Rural Colleges On the Map?

Today's Roadmap01: Postcards: Playing Games in Burlington, Vermont.02: Roadside Attractions: A New Way to Fund Digital Literacy?03: In the Sticks: How RSI Research Adds Nuance to Rurality.04: Laying Seeds: The Latest in Rural Jobs and Grants.


A New Compass For Supporting Rural

Today's Roadmap01: Forest for the Trees: A New Compass for Supporting Rural.02: Roadside Attractions: Is a Georgia Lactation Law Milking It?03: In the Sticks: Class is Starting at McDonalds and Walmart.04: Planting Seeds: Navigating Rurality With No Maus.


A Kentucky College's Lesson in Equity

Today's Roadmap01: Postcards: A Kentucky College’s Lesson in Equity.02: Roadside Attractions: The State That Natives Never Leave.03: In the Sticks: Where did the GEAR UP Funding Go?04: Laying Seeds: Nearly $200M in America Rescue Plan Grants.


A Rural Town With Two HBCUs And No Movie Theater

Today's Roadmap01: Postcards02: Roadside Attractions03: In the Sticks04: Laying Seeds


Does Axing Testing Hurt Rural Colleges?

Today's Roadmap01: Postcards: The Biggest Enrollment Drop in Georgia.02: Roadside Attractions: Tim Kaine's Rural Med School Bet.03: In the Sticks: Test-Free's Effect on Rural College.04: Laying Seeds: Rural Scholarships … and Greek Hillbillies.


What's in a Name?

Today's Roadmap01: What’s in a Name?02: Roadside Attractions03: In the Sticks04: Laying Seeds05: Postcards