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August 18 · Issue #1 · View online

100% me pursuing a lifestyle surrounded by great ideas and great creativity.

Hey! Time to bring back the rants. Just documenting the journey :) And soo….
Call it a hobby, addiction…something. I love to tinker on my computer and try creating “stuff”. Not the weird kind of stuff, but the cool kind of stuff, like learning:
How to build websites better
How to make bad ass designs
How to tell a great story
I suck at watching Netflix. My wife will tell you. But I’m really good at watching tutorials on Youtube. I nerd out on YouTube and even created my own - Mike’s Youtube channel.
More recently, I’ve jumped into what is called the No-code movement. Premise is simple: Build (websites, web apps and mobile apps) without having to code.  
Seriously. And it’s pretty amazing and there’s a video explainer below.
Wet Dreams for creatives???…Maybe that’s too far
But for someone like me, (designer by day/tinkerer by…the whole day), these newer technologies give me the powers to create little apps that can help people without needing to seek a developer. Things like surveys, directories, apps for coaches to communicate with students, all becoming possible to make without code.
Recently I dove head first in the no-coding world: 
  • I joined the Makerspad community. 
  • I made my first app (food menu) with Glideapps.
  • I attempted the same app with BoundlessLabs just to compare.
And it’s so cool.
The biggest component of this whole movement that I love: freedom. Build at will.
I’m super excited about where technology is approaching. Now onward to the grind of finding more peeps to help.
Thanks so much for your time and hope either the writeup or links inspires a thought for you.
Have a great day!
And please consider a social share if you think this writeup could inspire someone.

No-code Movement
Community: Where I started to build without code (affiliate link)
Amazing video for conference coming up: Welcome to the age of no-code
Turn spreadsheets into amazing apps
Build better with Boundless
Have a great day!
Have a great day!
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