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The Hot Mic - Warning! Cute Dogs Inside. - Issue #16

The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter
The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter
April was a stressful month, so the magical calendar switch to May will fix everything, right?
Anyway, Spoiler’s Club, and giveaways, and dogs, and May, and more!

Hot Mic cover lavender and blue, Mur Lafferty,
Hot Mic cover lavender and blue, Mur Lafferty,
Goodreads Giveaway of Station Eternity!
I’m thrilled to say that there’s a Station Eternity giveaway on Goodreads from May 2-30 with fifteen winners to receive a galley.
(This is only for US readers, sadly.)
Spoiler's Club #1 Report: Lillie Lainoff Is Amazing
Last Saturday we had the first Spoiler’s Club with the fantastic Lillie Lainoff about her book One For All. We talked about spoilers and fencing and love triangles and chronic illness and monarchy and ableism and portraying different sexualities on the spectrum. A lot of these things are challenging because in the time of the French revolution, there were no words for demisexual or asexual or postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (aka POTS, which is the chronic illness our heroine, Tania, has.) We also talked about how to give small hints that a likable character really isn’t very nice in the long rum. It was an awesome first episode and I can’t wait for you to hear it. I’ll be posting edited audio and video to the feed and Youtube, while Patreon supporters will get the whole interview. Did you not get the book in time? You can get signed copies from Lillie’s local book store!
Next Spoilers Club: June 25. Giant Monster Spoilers!
Because I’m finishing a book and traveling in May, our next Spoilers Club won’t happen until June. But John Scalzi joins us to talk all the spoilers of The Kaiju Preservation Society. Order or pick it up from a local bookstore now, or wait for me to giveaway two copies of the book! Then join us June 25, at 6pm EDT, on Twitch!
Doggo Report
I’ve been speaking about dog health stress on the livestream, so many people know that Rosa lost a toenail about 5.5 weeks ago. She has a genetic problem with her toes, we address it with meds and supplements and vitamins, but this break came out of the blue and we had never seen one this bad. So we got the vet to fit her in for a surgical removal that day (fitting in surgery at the end of the doctor’s surgery day was possibly our first mistake, but I don’t know if what followed was the vet’s fault or not. Shrug.) As I said, we’re used to this procedure, but her foot didn’t heal nearly as quickly or as well as the other times. I won’t go into details, or pictures, but we discovered she was able to lick the foot with a cone on, and either that, or the surgery wasn’t done as well as before, slowed healing a LOT. It’s been nearly 6 weeks and she’s still in a cone. It’s been stressful.
BUT we found an antibiotic she’s responding to, and a MacGyver e-collar setup that is keeping her away from the injury, and I can report finally that the toe is healing. Swelling has gone down, the nail has started to appear, and the vet is delighted with the latest picture. We were close to getting another procedure done, which we, the dog, and our budget really didn’t want, so there’s a lot of relief in this house. Now if we could get her to leave it alone, we could take her accessories off and everyone would be happier.
Rosa, with collars and without:
Rosa in cones. Poor doggo.
Rosa in cones. Poor doggo.
Photo of snoozing black and white dog with inflatable and blue cone ecollar. “Rosa in cones. Poor doggo.”
Rosa being cute
Rosa being cute
Photo of snoozing black and white dog with on her back, pettable white belly, free of cones, with inflatable and blue cone ecollar beside her.
Patreon Changes: Join the Fabulists!
I have changed some of my Patreon tiers, and wanted to let you know what they are. If you are a supporter, please note, you do NOT need to change your tier to keep getting the rewards you are getting. This is only for moving forward.
$3: Green Fabulist
  • Access to Fabulist-only Discord
  • Access to the full podcast archives
  • Ad-free podcast feed
  • Early release of podcasts
  • Expanded episodes
  • Meet-ups at cons
  • “Supporter” role in credits
$7: Blue Fabulist
  • Lower tier rewards
  • Kick In The Pants mini-workshop 2x month
  • Access to the Book Club and KitP channels in Discord
  • “Patron” role in credits
  • Mail! real mail! I will send you a birthday card and winter holiday card. (You MUST send me an email with your address, birthday, and opt in to me sending you mail. If I am already sending you mail, disregard this.)
$15: Orange Fabulist
  • All lower tier rewards.
  • Your birthday and holiday cards now include a (small) gift!
  • Special sales in the Merch store!
  • “Producer” role in credits
  • Behind the scenes video
  • Original fiction! First story is part one of “Contains Natural White Kudzu Bark.” No idea how long this one will be.
$30: Red Fabulist
  • All lower tier rewards.
  • Tuckerization in my books as long as you are a supporter
  • “Angel” role in credits
$50: Gold Fabulist
  • All lower tier rewards
  • A signed copy of each book I release
  • A yearly set of Mur-created polyhedral dice for gaming or for the RNG to-do list engine!
  • “Hero” role in Discord, Videos
$100: Evil Ink
  • All lower tier rewards
  • All of my books (signed) - Excludes foreign versions unless explicitly requested, and out of print books I have no access to, and duplicates (ie you can have, when applicable, an ARC or the final version, hardcover or paperback)
  • Personalized video on what I’m thinking about, all the weird ideas I may never get to.
  • “Evil Overlord” role in Discord, Videos
  • One 30 min video chat a month
Twitch Schedule for May
  • May 3- 3pm - ISBW
  • May 4- 3pm - Gaming TBD
  • May 5 - 3pm - ISBW with Marguerite Kenner
  • May 9 - 12pm - Ditch Diggers with Alasdair Stuart
  • May 10 - 3pm - ISBW
  • May 11 - 3pm - Gaming TBD
  • May 12 - NO STREAM (Pre-recorded ISBW will be posted)
  • May 16 - 12pm - Ditch Diggers with Matt Wallace
  • May 17 - 3pm - ISBW
  • May 18 - 3pm - Gaming
  • May 19 - 3pm - ISBW with Gwynne Garfinkle
I’m traveling from May 22-June 5, and I want to stream from the beach, but I can’t promise anything.
Thanks for reading, or forwarding to a friend, or commenting, or reviewing my podcasts or books, or supporting, or just listening. I appreciate you.
You can support me on PatreonJemi, or just buy me a Ko-fi. That helps support my many creative projects.
Just want to catch the podcasts? For I Should Be Writing, you can subscribe on iTune or take this RSS feed and plug it into your preferred player. Ditch Diggers returns in April and you can find back episodes here: iTunesRSS, and Spreaker.
Or just search I Should Be Writing, Ditch Diggers, or Mur Lafferty on any podcast site.
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This newsletter is BY-NC-ND 4.0 Creative Commons licensed.
See you next week time!
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The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter
The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter @mightymur

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