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My Secret Hatred For Mr. Rogers' Shoes--Oh, and NaNoWriMo Too

The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter
The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter
The days are getting– aw hell, you know it’s fall and Halloween. You don’t need another lazy opening about leaves and cider and stuff.
What is also coming is NaNoWriMo. And I will be talking about that below. In fact, there’s not much intro.
OH YEAH- I finished copyedits on STATION ETERNITY and THE OPHELIA NETWORK, coming out in 2022 in October and May, respectively. Getting these turned in has been a massive relief, and right now I’m just relaxing a tad before I get back to writing again.
I also got a new freelance gig that I can’t say anything about, but I think is pretty damn cool.
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Hot Mic logo, green microphone on black background, "THE HOT MIC NEWSLETTER"
Hot Mic logo, green microphone on black background, "THE HOT MIC NEWSLETTER"
Hiatus on Podcasting
I am going to take December off of podcasting. I will still be streaming, sometimes games, sometimes Just Chatting, but I need a break and time to look at what I’ve accomplished this year in my attempt to draw a larger audience.
I’ll be honest, it hasn’t gone remotely as well as I hoped. My goal was 1% improvement every month, which I thought was modest, and I couldn’t even manage that. So I’m going to be looking at the shows, looking at the Patreon, and figuring some stuff out. I’ll be back in January with a big hurrah and stuff.
You can still email me for questions. You can still tune into my streams on Twitch. I’ll still be around the Discord and Twitter. I’m not going away. Just rethinking some things.
Daily NaNoWriMo Show is Back!
I’m bringing my daily show back with a twist. Sometimes they will be live on Wisdom, the new audio mentoring app I’m playing with. It’s REALLY new, and mostly has life coaches and spiritual folk, but I’m trying to bring some different content to the app. So if you get the app, I will be starting my Wisdom talks on Monday morning (announcing on Twitter) and if you’re watching, I might invite you to come on and talk to me. All you need is your phone. After that, I will upload it as the nano podcast. (Wisdom is iOS only, I’m afraid, but I’ll also be doing shows on Twitch and they will all be uploaded.)
Writing Dates in Discord
If you support the Patreon (or the Twitch stream) you have access to the Fabulist-only Discord, where I’ll be doing live writing in the audio rooms, so please come write with me! I’ll post schedules at the beginning of every week, and try to vary them for different folks.
I’ll also be doing some live writing on Twitch, before and after my streams.
I’m not endorsed by this site, I just really like it. If you like fantasy RPGs and you’re going to be doing NaNoWriMo, I encourage you to check this site that gamifies writing, 4TheWords. Admittedly the UI is a bit of a mess, but they’ve put a sitemap within reach to help out. Pick a monster to battle, and start writing. If you can write X number of words within Y time, you beat the monster. And there are drops and crafting and leveling and quests. It’s seriously fun.
I’m not endorsed but if you buy some in-game money to get a subscription, you can use my code SKYOA08774 and you will get some extra in-game money! (full disclosure, so will I.)
Classes and Whatnot This Weekend
Tomorrow night (6pm EDT) I will be teaching one last class at Speakeasy, this one about NaNoWriMo. I will plan my own last minute project with you, and you can ask me anything about it.
Last Minute Decision to Join NaNoWriMo!
The Odyssey Writing Workshop has announced some winter classes! From their press release:
Odyssey has announced its online class offerings for Winter 2022:  Scene and Sequel: How to Generate Character-Driven Momentum, Control Pacing, and Write a Page-Turning Story, taught by bestselling author Gregory Ashe; Emotional Truth: Making Character Emotions Real, Powerful, and Immediate to Readers, taught by award-winning editor/publisher Scott H. Andrews; and Getting the Big Picture: The Key to Revising Your Novel, taught by award-winning novelist Barbara Ashford. 
Odyssey is an excellent 6 week writing program in times we’re not running screaming from others who came from Away and might be dragging germs with them. Like everyone else, they pivoted and are now offering online classes. I recommend checking them out.
And one more for tomorrow! My good friend and TV writer Margaret Dunlap (we worked together on Bookburners) is teaching over at Cat Rambo’s site this weekend, presenting a class called Demystifying Outlines, at 4pm eastern (1pm pacific, which is where Margaret is). I’m not exaggerating when I say that Margaret changed my writing when we worked together. She brought her TV writing knowledge to our little book writing group and I learned so much. If you can take this class, go for it.
Of course Scrivener folks have something special for NaNoWriMo! I love this program, and if you are curious then you should check out their NaNoWriMo specials! Also if existing users upgrade, they can find a new NaNoWriMo template available. Not a paid endorsement. I seriously love this program.
Church, Mr. Rogers, ADHD, and Me, Mur
Yeah, I’m spoofing a book I bet no one has read. But it amused me.
I was never the squirm in the seat, can’t focus kid. Which is one of the reasons ADHD goes undiagnosed in girls, because we had different symptoms. Only lately am I thinking about things from my youth and realizing they were connected to ADHD. Because there were two things I hated: Singing in church and watching the opening to Mr. Rogers Neighborhood.
Yeah, my parents attended an Episcopalian church for a bit before we became sleep-in-agnostics. I don’t remember much from those days, except the sermon about how we were all destined for hell but Jesus was coming for us in a helicopter, which scared the shit out of me. All of it: damnation, hellfire, having to do some sort of action movie miracle by running THROUGH FIRE and leaping onto Jesus’s helicopter and holding on as I was lifted out. It sounded scary and dangerous and I wanted nothing to do with it.
I’ve gotten off topic. Back to what I hated. I hate church singing. I don’t care which church (I include my own UU church in this, by the way). the minute the music started and people stood up, it made me want to die inside. We had to flip the hymnal to whatever song and see that it had FIVE verses and by God we were going to sing them all! I did everything I could to keep my sanity: counted the verses down, tried to understand the musical notes, actually tried singing but that was terrible.
The thing is, I still hate it. I still dread standing as I’m able, pretending to sing. I count down the verses, inwardly I say words that are not good to say in church when when I realize they’re not stopping after two verses, they’re committed, they’re doing them ALL.
A strange connection to this is Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. If you don’t remember, he begins the show by singing his little song. Every show has a theme song, and I didn’t hate them all. But he walks in, takes his jacket off, hangs it up, gets a sweater off a hanger, puts it on, zips it up, sits down, UNTIES HIS SHOES WHAT MONSTER DOESN’T JUST STEP ON THE HEELS AND STUMBLE OUT?, – you get the drift. I loved the show. Hated the opening with a passion. And only lately I realized I get so internally itchy because I’m bored to tears. And it’s a special kind of boredom because I get a countdown. And it always moves slowly. I prayed for the day Mr. Rogers would discover Velcro. He never did.
I still have this itchy, awful, bored feeling in church when the music starts. I’m just good at hiding it. But it’s only recently I realized my brain a) wanted more stimulation than church music, or b) wanted to watch ANYTHING OTHER THAN A MAN GET DRESSED HELLO WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS GOOD TELEVISION? It craves the dopamine gotten from good music, Christmas music, or a more dynamic opening.
I don’t like putting on shoes. There. I said it. Pulling on socks, finding the shoes, untying them, tying them. Empires could fall in that time while I was fussing with clothing. Last night I was wearing sandals on a walk and could feel a blister forming, but the idea of going home and putting on socks and tying my shoes was just not worth it. This isn’t obsessive; I am able to wear shoes, and once they’re on, I’m fine. I wear shoes all the time. But I always have that feeling of, “this is going to bore the shit out of me, isn’t it?”
On me, socks and sandals are not bad fashion, they’re not dad clothes, and they’re not missing the point. They’re an easy way to keep my feet warm but have slip-on shoes.
Of COURSE it’s not logical, and no, I can’t tell my brain “you know it will take less than a minute, right?”
What to do about this? I don’t know, I just discovered it myself. It’s neat that I’m figuring out my brain chemistry, but part of me is saying “Ok, Einstein, you’ve identified that the thing in the middle of the stream is a huge boulder. How are you going to move it?”
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The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter
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