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News from Mur Lafferty

News from Mur Lafferty

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The Hot Mic - Warning! Cute Dogs Inside. - Issue #16

I'm thrilled to say that there's a Station Eternity giveaway on Goodreads from May 2-30 with fifteen winners to receive a galley.(This is only for US readers, sadly.)


The Hot Mic - News and News and News - Issue #15

..........THIS JUST IN: Hugo finalists have been named for the year, and Escape Pod is up for Best Semiprozine again, and Divya and I are up for Best Editor (Short) again! Last year was a shocker when we found out we were a very close second to Ellen Datlow, …


The Hot Mic - No Fooling - Issue #14

TOCConsume! Consume!The first rule of Spoilers ClubPodcast announcementsICYMIApril Twitch Stream ScheduleRoll Credits


The Hot Mic - BEWARE the... 18th of March? - Issue #13

Productivity Hack #814What I'm Reading/PlayingLittle Announcements and ICYMIWiP Report


The Hot Mic - Happy Valentine's Day (ish) - Issue #12

Feb 14, 2022: Ok so this is written on Valentine's Day, but it really doesn't have much to do with love or any of that gushy stuff. I had to see the dentist this morning so my day didn't start very romantically. But hey, No Cavity Club (although they don't le…


The Hot Mic - It's Kind of Working - Issue #11

When we think of our favorite media being turned into something else (ie, that a book will become a show or movie), a lot of us internalize that we want exactly what happened in the original medium to occur again, just in a new medium. I've been guilty of thi…


The Hot Mic - Issue #10 - 2021 Is Buried

2021 was rough as I struggled through various issues with editing. In talking to some friends at WorldCon I think I've identified the issues, and hope I can move forward with some confidence. So it's been a long time coming, but here is the cover for my novel…


The Hot Mic Issue #9 - Imposters and Dimples and Holidays and Arty Stuff

Grant's Advent Calendar: My fellow Podcast Academy Hall of Famer friend Grant Baciocco started in podcasting around the same time I did ("The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd" and Toiley T. Paper are among his creations), and he has been doing a successful video…


My Secret Hatred For Mr. Rogers' Shoes--Oh, and NaNoWriMo Too

I am going to take December off of podcasting. I will still be streaming, sometimes games, sometimes Just Chatting, but I need a break and time to look at what I've accomplished this year in my attempt to draw a larger audience. I'll be honest, it hasn't gone…


The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter - Issue #7

Description- Sticker of the NO emote from Twitch. Orange haired moderator with glasses, holding a mallet that says NO.


The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter - Issue #6

I don't know if it's depression, ADHD, or my personality just simply IS this way, but there are some moments in life which create an emotional response in me that elicits vast loneliness. For I am the only person to have felt such intense emotion.(insert Davi…


The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter - Issue #5

Every once in a while a premise so weird will come along that you wonder "who thought that would be a good idea?" and "I must play this" at the same time. Take Hatoful Boyfriend, the game where you, a human girl, go to school with and date birds....but then t…


The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter - Issue #4

Station Eternity is going out to blurbers. I am of course nervous as hell, partly because I'm an author and partly because I interviewed an expert about something and need to change some parts on the next edit round. And since it's in copyedit stage, I have t…


The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter - Issue #3

I did a poll of Patreon supporters asking what they would like to see added to my rewards tier. The overwhelming winner was unexpectedly a watch party that discusses writing style. I'm not sure how I will set that up, but I will figure something out.


The Hot Mic - Mur Lafferty's Weekly Newsletter - Issue #2

Catching Up With The Podcasts!This week had only new Ditch Diggers landing, with lots of ISBW content coming over this weekend! Catch them as they come out at (or your favorite podcatcher) or subscribe to this list!Twitch Schedule for week of Jul…


Weekly newsletter of Mur, Magnificent Fury - Issue #1

Coming Soon on Ditch Diggers and I Should Be Writing![DD] Ursula Vernon co-hosts and talks hybrid publishing 7-7 1pm Live on Twitch (yeah, that's in 1 hour. I gotta hurry)7-12 via the podcast feed and on Murverse[ISBW] Don't Compare Yourself to Other Authors.…