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Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton
Hello, meet our wonderful voice actor Katherine

Katherine is a voice actor and streamer extraordinaire. I met them in their stream when we were both deep into playing a game called Roundguard, and I noticed that they did a bunch of voice acting for game jams. When we realized that we wanted voice acting in our game, I reached out to Katherine who responded on very short notice and provided professional grade lines really quickly.
Here they are!
Here they are!
Katherine's role on the team
You can probably guess by now that Katherine is our voice actor! But after our Out of CTRL demo, we decided that their talents are best served voicing Clarity instead of Echo. I’m really excited to see how they bring our beloved creepy chatbot to life. In addition to voice acting, Katherine has a sharp editorial eye, and is going to be helping us test the game and edit the script.
That’s all for this week! Thanks to everybody for sticking with us so far, we’ve still got a ways to go on the game but it means a lot to us that we’ve got your support behind us. I’ll be accepting questions for the Q and A email for one more week, so get them in if you’ve got something you’re curious about! Anything related to game development in general, how we’re making the sequel or just something silly like our favorite type of animal: it’s all fair game.
See you next week,
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Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton

Out Of CTRL is a creepypasta-inspired interactive fiction game about talking to a corrupted chatbot

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