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Introductions 3 - Andrew

Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton
Meet Andrew, our lead programmer

Andrew is an extremely talented programmer, who just finished college last week! I got to meet Andrew in an internship over the summer. We weren’t on the same team, but Cam had told me that I should try to meet him because he was “a super cool programmer to work with and just a great dude.” Yes that’s a direct quote, sorry for outing you Cam. So, I tried to look for excuses to meet him and I was not disappointed. He’s got an eye for detail that I admire, and has the excellent programmer trait of being able to hold a big problem in his head. You should have seen the diagram he’s made for the systems so far!
here he is
here he is
Andrew's role on the team
As a lead programmer, it’s Andrew’s job to keep us on track to get everything to actually work. From the big systems like the fake “desktop” with all its windows and applications, down to the tiniest details about how fast the scroll bars should scroll, he has final say (although we talk about things and divvy stuff up). I can also say, as the other programmer on the project, that he’s a pleasure to work with.
We just passed 100 subs to this email list! Thank you so much for joining us on this journey, we really appreciate it. If you want to do something nice for us, the best thing you can do is tell a friend about the game (a friend you think would enjoy it). Each person who plays the game makes it a little easier to pitch our game to publishers and other folks who could help our development, because the number of people who’ve played our demo is our strongest selling point right now. (to people like that who care about numbers, obviously we think the game is great on it’s own merit :) ) See you in the next email.
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Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton

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