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Introductions 1 - Ezra

Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton
Hi! I’m Ezra, one of the devs from Out Of CTRL

In the last email I asked whether you’d prefer introductions next, or some creepy game recommendations. A couple folks responded (thank you!) and said introductions, so here we are! I realized this was getting a little long so I’m splitting it up into different emails for each of us - I had a lot to say!
So! I’m Ezra, I’m currently in school for computer science, but I’m on a gap year working at an indie studio. That’s my day job, and I’m making Out Of CTRL on the side (also I’m a teacher’s assistant at my school despite not currently going there, it’s a lot haha).
picture of me run through some dithering
picture of me run through some dithering
My role on the team
On the team, I do half the programming (along with Andrew, who you’ll meet shortly). I’m also in charge of the organizational / marketing-ish / social media stuff, which includes this email list.
Speaking of which
The next couple emails I’ve got planned are more introductions to the team, then creepy game recommendations. If you have any other ideas I’d love to hear them - what are you interested in? Details of development? Stories of what’s been going on so far? Let me know! (you can reply to this email, I’ll get them)
Thanks for reading :0
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Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton

Out Of CTRL is a creepypasta-inspired interactive fiction game about talking to a corrupted chatbot

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