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Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton
Hey everyone, this week I thought I would take a break from introductions and try something a little bit different. First a little update for you: our team members are wrapping up prior commitments (like school), and are starting to really get to work on this sequel! I’ve been focusing on implementing the new dialogue choice mechanics, Cam has started writing the script and has some really cool ideas for the intro to the game. Andrew has started implementing the “desktop,” we’re not sure how deep the systems are going to be yet, but we’re super excited for Clarity to *mess* with your desktop throughout the game, so this is the beginning of that!
Creepy game recommendation
One creepy game I think you might like is Anomalous Research Department. Their description on their itch page says:
“In the basement of a local community college, a forgotten computer sits. The last relic of the Anomalous Research Department. What was their purpose? What did they find? Was it the solution? Or was it the cause?”
It definitely sent some chills up my spine, it’s got some cool art too. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!
Call for Questions
After and/or in between the last couple of introductions, I want to do a sort of “grab bag” or AMA type email. For that, I need your questions! You can reply to this email or any of the next couple and once I get enough to write up something interesting, I’ll send it out as that week’s newsletter. They can be any kind of questions: about game development, about how we made the original game, about our favorite colors, or anything really! The only thing to know is that I may be vague if you ask questions about specific story things because we like to keep those ambiguous and let people come to their own conclusions. Thanks for your help! I can’t wait to see what y'all think up :)
Until next time,
If you’re one of the couple people who joined the mailing list in the last day, how’d you hear about the game? We had a big uptick in plays but I couldn’t find the source. I’m super curious to hear who plugged or recommended it!
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Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton

Out Of CTRL is a creepypasta-inspired interactive fiction game about talking to a corrupted chatbot

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