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Final Introductions - Sam!

Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton
Meet our final member of the team - Sam!

Sam is an excellent writer that we’re super happy to have on board! She’s the only member of the team who joined us after we put out the demo. Ever since she came on the project Sam has helped give a new perspective on our goals and production of the game. Sam is also a quite skilled horror writer in particular, with a knack for sending a chill up your spine. Also fun fact, she loves strawberries but is allergic to them - that’s not really related to the game but I think it’s funny.
Sam's profile picture on Twitter
Sam's profile picture on Twitter
Sam's Role on the Team
As a writer, Sam is collaborating with Cam on the script for the game. Since basically all the fun of the game comes from reading the writing, this is a big job! Sam also has a focus on an editorial eye and a specialization in creeping horror.
That’s the end of the introductions! You’ve met the whole team at this point (or if you weren’t subscribed when we released the previous ones you can find the backlog here if you scroll down to previous issues). Next week I’m not 100% sure what the email will be yet, I think I’ll answer some of the other questions y'all wrote in. If you have a question for us, feel free to reply to this email with it and I’ll get to it in a future one!
Stay groovy
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Ezra Szanton
Ezra Szanton

Out Of CTRL is a creepypasta-inspired interactive fiction game about talking to a corrupted chatbot

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