Out Of CTRL Updates :)

By Ezra Szanton

Out Of CTRL is a creepypasta-inspired interactive fiction game about talking to a corrupted chatbot

Out Of CTRL is a creepypasta-inspired interactive fiction game about talking to a corrupted chatbot

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Out Of CTRL Updates :)





Email Hiatus

Hey Folks, as we get towards the meat of development I'm finding it harder to write interesting emails about what we're up to. We're just... making the game! Hard at work writing and coding and such. I don't want to waste anybody's time, and I certainly don't…


Horror recommendation and a quick update

Short email this week. In development, we're currently working on the script and brainstorming some minigames / "desktop apps" that can be on your computer in the game, and which may or may not also be Very Creepy :)If you like retro horror, I recommend you t…


Q&A Part 2, inspirations for the game

Hi! This week it's another question from the Q&A from a couple weeks ago - what were our inspirations / how did we come up with the game? I dredged up some of the materials we generated while making the game, and I figured I'd share them with you, plus th…


Final Introductions - Sam!

Sam is an excellent writer that we're super happy to have on board! She's the only member of the team who joined us after we put out the demo. Ever since she came on the project Sam has helped give a new perspective on our goals and production of the game. Sa…


We launched on Armor Games! THANK YOU

You read the title - it's true! We just launched on Armor Games last Monday. To everyone who has signed up from there, thank you for joining us! We're really excited to show you what we've been up to, and keep you posted about future developments. To everyone…


Guest Episode! Q & A with Cam (our writer)

Hello! Y'all wrote in some great questions! One particularly insightful one came from Demetri, and it was for our writer Cam. Cam has written an illuminating answer I think is pretty insightful into their writing process. The question and answer are pretty lo…


Introductions 4 - Katherine

Katherine is a voice actor and streamer extraordinaire. I met them in their stream when we were both deep into playing a game called Roundguard, and I noticed that they did a bunch of voice acting for game jams. When we realized that we wanted voice acting in…


Grab bag!

Hey everyone, this week I thought I would take a break from introductions and try something a little bit different. First a little update for you: our team members are wrapping up prior commitments (like school), and are starting to really get to work on this…


Introductions 3 - Andrew

Andrew is an extremely talented programmer, who just finished college last week! I got to meet Andrew in an internship over the summer. We weren't on the same team, but Cam had told me that I should try to meet him because he was "a super cool programmer to w…


Introductions 2 - Cam

Meet Cam


Introductions 1 - Ezra

Hi! I'm Ezra, one of the devs from Out Of CTRL


Thank you and a question

Thank you! I've got a question for you about what to send next