🏝 First Real Vacay Since 2018, From Apple to Garmin? ⌚️ and losing 9 kg!





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Metin's Weekly
Metin's Weekly
And why I started to sing after taking a bite off a sandwich.

No Vacation Since 2018
⏱ Next Sunday (15.08.2021), Jacky and I will be on vacation for 2 weeks (!) straight. These are going to be my very first full vacation for over 3 years. Let me explain:
  • You see, when I started Senler Media, I started as a Solopreneur, meaning that I was responsible for everything (obviously). So yes, I sometimes took 3-4 days “off” and made city trips, I also flew to New York for a week, BUT I was always working for a couple of hours a day.
  • When Senler Media started to grow, I also was responsible for the people joining the team and the clients.
  • Then the pandemic hit, and we grew more and more.
  • But now, I have the greatest people in my team who are responsible for clients now, giving me the room, confidence, and peace to leave for vacation.
You guys can’t imagine how thankful I am to have those great human beings at Senler Media because they do everything better than I do. ❤️
Bestestes People On This Planet
Bestestes People On This Planet
From 500 km to 1'000 km?
For 10 years, I’m running (well, it’s an on-and-off relationship tbh). However, the relationship started to spark again last year, and since this year, I’m all in.
  • I set a goal of running 500 km in 2021, which I already reached just yesterday (07.08.2021), So I pumped it up now to 1'000 km. 🚀
  • I also ran over 210 km in July alone, which is my personal best so far in terms of distance.
  • And this week, I managed to run 52 km, which is also my new best
  • Another side effect: I lost around 9 kg since I started running more persistently. 🤯
As you can see, I’m prrrrrretty hooked here. What I like most are long distances. Let’s see where this will go. Follow me on Strava and see how my progress is doing. 😅
Shoutout to Jacky for supporting me no matter what. ❤️
From Apple to Garmin?
I’m totally in the Apple Ecosystem, and I honestly like it here very much. I’m also a huge fan of the Apple Watch and what it all can do, but Apple can’t come along with me since my needs are changing. Why?
  • I don’t particularly appreciate taking my phone with me when I’m running, BUT I like to try new routes. Since I can’t load routes in my Apple Watch, I have to take my phone. Garmin has a great solution for this “problem” with maps and routes you can pre-load to your watch, and then it guides you through the streets/trails.
  • Battery-Life: After my first long run of 3 hours, my watch died a couple of hours later. I’m planning to do longer runs, so I really don’t want my watch to die when I’m hitting the road.
So yeah, I’m now thinking of switching to Garmin, but I will wait until the presentation of the Apple Watch Series 7.
Bye bye Apple Watch?
Bye bye Apple Watch?
Major YouTube Channel Change
As you know, I’ve been creating videos on YouTube for a long time now. I’m not very consistent because of obvious reasons:
  1. I run a company
  2. I have a wonderful relationship
  3. I run a company
No, seriously, though, running a company is not a cake, but it is manageable. And Jacky, oh Jacky. She’s supportive in every way you can imagine.
No, the real reason is my lack of vision for the channel. I tried to come up with a lot of ideas, as shown in this video above:
Finding My Niche On YouTube - A Self-Experiment
But that’s history now. The vision is here and is getting in shape so stay tuned for updates. 🚀
What Else?
🎥 We watched The Little Things starring Rami Malek, Denzel Washington, and Jared Leto. It’s an American neo-noir crime thriller film that has some serious Se7en vibes. Remember Se7en with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt, which came out in 1995? Check out the trailer.
I definitely recommend The Little Things if you like a good crime thriller which leaves you with more questions than you asked your mother when you were 5 years old.
🍜 We have been to the best Vietnamese restaurant in Zurich called Co Chin Chin today and the food was so good I started to sing.
Vietnamese Style Sandwich and Crispy Duck. Yes!
Vietnamese Style Sandwich and Crispy Duck. Yes!
Alright, you awesome people! If you’re here, you made it to the end of this issue.
Let me know how you liked this issue and what you would like to know more (or less) about. And don’t forget to forward the newsletter to people you think might be interested in my doings and thoughts. 🙌
Have a great start to the week 🚀
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