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methodical - Sunday Special

This is a special Sunday edition... OK not so special. But, on some Sundays, you'll receive hand-pick
methodical - Sunday Special
By Akar Sumset • Issue #7 • View online
This is a special Sunday edition… OK not so special. But, on some Sundays, you’ll receive hand-picked -or handwritten as in this case, articles. Here is the first Sunday Special.

Hey there! I’ve rounded up my First Principles for with a couple new additions to the methods. The real update, though, has been tying those methods to actual principles! Take a look at the following one.

1. Product Basics
“Put users in the center… and business right next to it.”
Why? Because if we only focus on the user and disregard business goals then it’ll be impossible for the company to survive. And no, it is not a good solution to think of users first, business later. Because then we can’t incorporate business requirements naturally enough and disturb user experience to meet business requirements.
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