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Metaverse Monthly
Metaverse Monthly
Happy April, and welcome to the first edition of Metaverse Monthly! Each month, we’ll be recapping the best of Metaverse and introducing the people who make it all possible along the way. Make sure you subscribe to get every edition of Metaverse Monthly delivered straight to your inbox!

Staff Interview: Meet Will!
This month, we sat down with contributing editor Will Stevens to get to know them better.
Betsy Wight: First is the dreaded “tell me about yourself” question. What brought you to Metaverse Media? What do you like writing about, and why do you like writing about it?
Will Stevens: I was thinking a bit about this like earlier today. And I don’t know what it was that really brought me to like writing in this kind of capacity. Sometimes I’ll send my best friend just a page long text message or a voice memo or something like that, where I’m explaining the plot and intricacies of an episode of Star Trek. I’m sending them because I know that he will read it if he’s interested and not if he doesn’t want to.
But then, I don’t know, I think one of the things that legitimately got me into like criticism, like as a concept — I talk about this motherfucker so goddamn much — is Jacob Geller. He’s a YouTube video essayist who has this gift for pulling together works that on paper have nothing to do with each other, but he’s able to talk about the way that they interact in such ways that I’m never going to think about either thing the same way again. And, yeah, I’m like that, that kind of like Starcraft man like I, you know the way, the way that he talks about he talked about like golems is going to change the way that I think about Superman, you know, and I was like it would be cool if I could do something like that.
BW: One of my favorite podcasts (Las Culturistas) has this question that they always ask their guests. Their thing is culture, so they always ask, “what was the culture that made you say culture is for you?” I’m borrowing their wording and asking, what was the media that made you say media is for you?
WS: That’s a good question. The first thing that I can really remember being this obsessed with and occupying every minute of my waking moment was probably Doctor Who. And thinking about that, the fact that in middle school I spent all of my goddamn time thinking and talking about Doctor Who and briefly writing about Doctor Who — but we don’t need to bring up fanfiction. I guess that’s my instinct, and that’s like something that I still return to in a very different way.
BW: I like to hear it. I know Metaverse started from our Discord server’s joke about making a huge media conglomerate, but I do genuinely like that now we’re all bonding over being kind of obsessive over these things that we all really love.
WS: Yeah, I was editing like someone’s piece earlier today, and it was like, “wow, I can tell how much you love this thing that you’re writing about and how much time you spent thinking about this and researching about this, for no goal other than ‘I want to know more about this, because I think it’s interesting.’” And the next time I rewatch this I can look back at it with this new information that I’ve learned and have a new experience with it.
BW: Yeah, exactly! I love it very much. So, on the topic of obsessions: what’s your favorite movie/TV show/album/video game/book/whatever it is that comes to mind right now?
WS: I want to say Star Trek, specifically The Next Generation, just because I watched it very recently. And I’m watching Star Trek: Voyager right now. It’s also very good, but it’s also just reminding me how good The Next Generation is. It’s just a very cool show— it’s not a hot take to be like, “Star Trek is good.” I like that it’s like, “we’re just going to explore whatever we think is interesting, because it’s science fiction, we can make anything happen.”. So, if there was a scientific concept that our writers think is cool, like a Dyson sphere, which is like this theory of the energy of the sun as a power plant. A writer thinks that’s an interesting concept, so they write an episode that explores it in practice. 
I also just saw an episode that’s just about exploring being biracial, but put in this absurd context where a half human half Klingon, using science fiction technology, is split in half into a Klingon version of herself and a human version of herself, and the two versions have to work together to escape from like a laboratory. I just think it’s like a really cool format where they can just sort of explore whatever they think is interesting.
BW: We’re already at my last question! Can you give us a little teaser for any upcoming projects or articles we might see from you on the blog?
WS: I’m writing a really weird article about Ghost Quartet right now, which is a very weird musical. There’s a review for the game Infinity Blade that I think is amazing. The whole bit is that you are one person in a long generation of monster hunters, and you have to fight through whatever and defeat the evil. But obviously it’s a video game, so you die and you don’t make it your first time. And then when you die, you don’t just restart, you start as the next generation of this family. You can interact and use things that your ancestors have learned, skills and weapons and such. So it has this weird way of iterating upon itself. There’s this review where you read it, it’s just a very short review that’s like, “Infinity Blade is an iPhone game, you’re doing this, this and this and then at the end, you die.” And then at the bottom is a button that says Begin Again, or something like that, and when you click it and it sends you back to the top. You read the article again, but this time, phrases are different and bits of it have changed and morph to reflect a slightly different version of it. Then you reach the end and you start again, and they’ve shifted again. Some sentences cement themselves into one version that’s optimal, some can’t decide what they want to be. 
In that way this review of an iPhone game is able to mimic the experience of playing. I think it’s fucking fascinating. I’ve never played Infinity Blade, but I read this one review of it. I think that the fact that it can make you feel like what it feels to play the game is fucking insane. And not to like, suck my own dick or whatever, that’s a little bit what I’m trying to do with this Ghost Quartet article. I’m trying to mimic what it feels like to experience this weird, convoluted, beautiful musical within a brief introduction to it.
Quotes edited for clarity.
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