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When will there be a Metaverse?
Whenever it happens: there is a new medium incoming - and it might become a de/centralized revolution.

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Even some enthusiasts think in decades rather than years until we can experience a fully developed Metaverse.
The community on Twitter, however, thinks particularly frequently (36.1%) that it will already happen in the next 1-4 years.
The community on LinkedIn takes a more conservative view, with 48% predicting 4-10 years.
Regardless of the Metaverse definition, there are still enormous technical challenges that are unlikely to be solved in a few years.
And even if we take the smartphone (the basics date back to the 1990s) as an example instead of the internet (1950s) and assume a general technical acceleration, we will unfortunately still have to wait.
New Medium incoming...
Can we therefore ignore the Metaverse for the time being? Absolutely not! Many components of what is now a pure vision have long been in place:
Virtual worlds are used by hundreds of millions of people on a regular basis. And the quality and distribution of VR headsets is increasing at an impressive rate.
The 3Dimensionalisation and thus creation of a completely new medium is on its way and has long since become established.
A De/Centralized Revolution?
Whether the Metaverse will be decentralised or centralised is still in the stars: Most on Twitter (44.1%) assume full decentralisation. Most on LinkedIn (49%) assume partial decentralisation and centralisation.
Finally there is clear unanimity on Twitter and LinkedIn on the topic of a »revolution«: Only 10/12% (!) believe that the same players as today - think GAFAM - will set the tone in the Metaverse. 53/54% believe in a revolution with entirely new players.
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