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What's the Metaverse all about?
Dear avatars,
When something happens more often or becomes louder, it is easy to get the impression that it is really more important. And because we were no longer 100% sure how important »the virtual« is alongside »the cryptos«, we simply asked - and some of you answered:
Virtual Worlds, VR, AR
And quite obviously, virtual worlds, VR, AR continue to take centre stage when it comes to the Metaverse. But: just as obviously, the crypto realm is now being part of it. Meanwhile, the idea of the digital twin does not seem to have spread too far yet.
Interestingly, Twitter and LinkedIn produced almost the same result. And by the way: You can still comment there!
Virtual Worlds Usage
Of course, none of this is representative, but it is certainly an exciting way to assess the current state of the community. - And while we were at it, we were of course also interested in how often you actually use these virtual worlds?
This time, Twitter users were slightly more active than those on Linkedin. And comments can still be made there as well!
Currently we ask (and you can still vote and comment): »On the hardware side, what will bring the masses into the Metaverse at the beginning?« ➡️ Twitter ➡️ LinkedIn
What's News?
The Pew Research Center looks at »The Metaverse in 2040« and has published a great work, a must read:
The Metaverse in 2040 | Pew Research Center
In addition, the Metaverse Standards Forum was launched to solve the problem of interoperability - so yet another must read:
Metaverse Standards Forum Launches to Solve Interoperability – The New Stack
And finally, an exciting article about age and ability in the Metaverse that received a lot of attention:
Metaverse: Erasing Barriers of Age and Ability
Join the!
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Metalives in the Metaverse: Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality

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