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The Metaverse: Was it just hype after all?
Dear Avatars,
Dear Avatars,
it has become quieter. And if you ask Google Trends, was “the Metaverse” perhaps just hype after all? What exploded in October 2021 has already fallen back to 25% in spring - and continues to fall:
However, it was also a blatant peak on a longitudinal basis, and if you consider that the vast majority first wanted to know what the Metaverse even was, we are talking about a completely different level today:
In addition, one must not forget how high the intersection of the Metaverse and crypto was - and still is. And whether the Metaverse really has to or even should be on the blockchain is ultimately unresolved:
New World Notes: The Sandbox & Decentraland Have Huge User Loss -- Blockchain Metaverse Platforms Fall Below 1000 Weekly Active Users!
What's News?
Interestingly, there were two truly real Metaverse issues that attracted the most attention right at the beginning of May. Topics that involve the linking and interweaving of virtual and physical reality:
Metaverse Is Here And Zuckerberg Claims Leadership With The Opening Of Meta Store
Why Philipp Plein Has Launched A Web 3.0 Concept Store In London And A Metaverse Marketplace Online
Not really what the Metaverse will be yet, but far beyond “simple” virtual worlds. Speaking of which: the greatest attention was once again paid to Second Life and VWEC’s new and massive education campus.
The Virtual Worlds Education Consortium brings educators together both to share what has been successful and to tackle obstacles across virtual platforms and communities:
Virtual Worlds Education Consortium: an Introduction to VWEC
Virtual Worlds Education Consortium: an Introduction to VWEC
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