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The Metaverse Books and Silly Season
Dear Avatars,
If you were on summer vacation and tried to survive silly season, you might have read a bit about the Metaverse: enough suitable and enjoyable science fiction books have come out in the last decades. In our poll on Twitter and LinkedIn, Ready Player One easily came out on top:
Currently we are asking for Metaverse reference books, again on Twitter and LinkedIn of course.
Poor Mark, Quest helps
Once again, Mark Zuckerberg has triggered a shitstorm: A quickly posted picture regarding the European launch of Horizon Worlds led to questions as to whether it was all really worth so many billions. We’ll see, whether the response will ultimately be helpful…
Mark Zuckerberg Responds To Graphics Backlash, Promises Metaverse Won't Be Depressing To Look At
At least the announcement of the launch of the next Quest - aka Project Cambria - headset for October could calm the storm a bit.
Zuckerberg: Next Meta VR Headset Confirmed for October Release – Road to VR
Upland Real Estate
Upland, on the other hand, was able to create a completely different, positive storm: »Upland, the mixed reality real estate acquisition game (and the first customer for Linden Lab’s Tilia payment service), sells NFTs associated with individual plots of land. And so far, the game/metaverse platform has over 285,000 unique Upland NFT owners
Upland Real Estate Game Quietly Becoming an Immersive Metaverse Platform With Nearly 300K NFT Owners
Matthew Ball
Matthew Ball, meanwhile, is everywhere and many Metaverse enthusiasts may have read his Metaverse book in recent weeks. One of the most beautiful and thought-provoking quotes can also be found in Time magazine:
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