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The Metaverse: Birth of a New Medium
The Metaverse
We already have a little - and are now witnessing the birth of a new medium: live, in colour, in 3D, interactive, convergent. And for the very first time in over 100 years!
After speech, text & image, audio & video, the Metaverse is the first truly new medium since … film! We are on the verge of leaving the two-dimensional media world - and even complement our physical reality.
TV, video, streaming are ultimately just iterations of two-dimensional film - invented at the end of the 19th century. Radio is just the little audio sister from the 1920s. Gaming plays a special role in terms of interactivity. But ultimately it’s only on a 2D screen.
The already effected and expected multi-billion investment in the Metaverse will provide us with an entirely new three-dimensional medium. This is for the very first time during our lifetime!
Optimally, the Metaverse will indeed be the next iteration of the Internet: an open, free, virtual space that we can own and design as we wish. A place that enhances, beautifies, improves our virtual and even physical reality.
But as a new, unique medium, the Metaverse will be so much more than the Internet, which ultimately “just” absorbed and rethought the familiar media.
"But Facebook..."
It is well known that negative news generates much more attention than positive news. The news value is simply higher. And of course, many in the old media and on the Internet know that.
And without any doubt, Facebook is in many ways neither a model company - nor could any company live up to that ideal. If anything, Facebook is the ideal of a walled garden.
But Meta already has (Oculus) and wants to invest in the Metaverse. Nobody can or wants to prevent that. And the good thing: the results will pay into the idea one way or another.
Instead of lamenting how evil Meta or Facebook are, it seems truly wiser to actively bring together the fascinating technologies of the Metaverse - 3D, AR, VR, MR, and the Internet and blockchain, too - and engage society and economy in a meaningful way.
What's News?
Metaverse »#Facebook is backing away from #facialrecognition. #Meta isn’t: The #socialnetwork is scaling back facial recognition, but similar #technology could show up in the #metaverse
Metaverse »Both the #US & #China are trying to build and lay claim to the #metaverse, with other actors such as #Europe trying to do so as well, but they simply don’t control enough of the #coretechnologies that make #themetaverse possible.«
#Metaverse »#MarkZuckerberg says #newmaterial #ReSkin can detect #forces down to 0.1 newtons from #objects that are less than 1 mm in size. "This brings us one step closer to #realisticvirtualobjects and #physicalinteractions in #themetaverse".«
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