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Dear avatars,
The development of the Metaverse is very exciting at the moment. It was even featured on a TIME cover:
The Story Behind TIME's Metaverse Cover | Time
Which Reality?
Once again we had a few questions, and some of you answered:
But while Twitter is betting on virtual reality, LinkedIn is betting on mixed reality. Maybe there are just more Microsoft employees using the professional network?
Interestingly, augmented reality played a subordinate role in both surveys: Is this perhaps because everyone wants it, but reality continues to be a long time coming? However…
Google Begins Publicly Testing Its AR Glasses - CNET
Does the Metaverse need blockchain to ensure widespread adoption?
Not only did Cointelegraph ask, we asked too and almost three-quarters on Linkedin and two-thirds on Twitter rely on blockchain as the premise of the Metaverse.
Virtual Worlds?
Roblox has grand ambitions to ‘replicate the real world’ - Protocol
The largest virtual worlds are mainly used by kids and teens; CAU (Concurrent Active Users): Roblox (5M+), Fortnite (3M+), Minecraft (2M+). In which of these are you most active?
It is mainly the adult worlds where you hang out. However, on Linkedin quite closely followed by Roblox, while on Twitter there was a tie for second place between Roblox and Minecraft. Fortnite - so far - does not play a major role.
Apropos, which of the big virtual worlds, or more precisely: adult worlds, is your favourite? What exactly do you like best about your favourite? Please respond on Twitter or LinkedIn - and feel free to comment on the virtual worlds you miss.
BTW: How is Meta doing?
Meta Takes 2.8 Billion Dollar Loss On Its Metaverse Bet
FTC Sues Meta To Block Acquisition Of VR Company Within
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