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Dear Avatars,
Those who don’t live under a rock should already know that Facebook is now called »Meta«…
Announcing @Meta — the Facebook company’s new name. Meta is helping to build the metaverse, a place where we’ll play and connect in 3D. Welcome to the next chapter of social connection. https://t.co/ywSJPLsCoD
The rumor of the last few weeks has come true, even if some had bet on »Oasis« rather than, say, »Meta« or »Metaverse« as the name.
The new brand is incredibly well thought out: the infinity sign, which presents itself three-dimensionally as a headset and can be read as »M« at the same time. Hats off! Very good work.
Does anyone know who developed it? Was it an agency or Facebook itself? - At least it’s probably not a copy, even if the likeness to German M-sense is really funny - and could cost Meta some bucks:
M-sense Migräne
We are very honoured that @facebook felt inspired by the logo of our migraine app - maybe they’ll get inspired by our data privacy procedures as well 👀 🤓

#dataprivacy #meta #facebook https://t.co/QY7cota36r
Since the announcement of Meta by Mark Zuckerberg at Facebook Connect, the global media machinery has been electrified:
No one makes jumping around the metaverse look easier than @KhabyLame

https://t.co/Mw9iYqmeJg https://t.co/vN7iWPGoZf
The Metaverse in the Media
By now, every tech medium, every business medium, the general media, but even every sports, women’s and gaming magazine should have reported on Meta. At least online. The print editions are likely to continue next week(s).
Google Trends for “Metaverse” has long since exploded. And if you look at the long-term trend since 2004, you see that really nothing in the last decades (!) has attracted so much attention.
And therein lies the first, important message: “The Metaverse” should be grateful to Mark Zuckerberg, should be grateful to Facebook and now to Meta. For an enormous amount of attention for a topic that we all love and push forward in various ways.
And this has to be said, even if the risks of Meta’s total entry into the Metaverse market is quite obvious. (Remember, Facebook had already bought Oculus in 2014!) - Nevertheless, one should first read Zuckerberg’s interview at The Verge…
https://t.co/KFY5DDVuGw »#MarkZuckerberg on why #Facebook is rebranding to #Meta: The company wants to move past the ‘confusion and awkwardness’ of sharing a name with its main app.« https://t.co/Sq6ZE9kytM
…but pay just as much attention to at least some of the articles and comments that followed it…
New World Notes:
The Guardian:
The Atlantic:
https://t.co/KFY5DDVuGw »#TheMetaverse Was #Lame Even Before #Facebook - Hey, Facebook, I Made a #Metaverse 27 Years Ago. It was terrible then, and it’s terrible now.« https://t.co/Hq1PoCZ5Zb
The New York Times:
https://t.co/KFY5DDVuGw »The #Metaverse Is #MarkZuckerberg’s #EscapeHatch: If his new #strategy works — a big if — it could help address several of #Facebook’s biggest #problemshttps://t.co/GX7eEpAuLe
PC Gamer:
https://t.co/KFY5DDVuGw »The #metaverse is bullshit: #Games, #NFTs, #crypto, #VR, #AR, the #blockchain, they're all wrapped up in this idea of a virtually-integrated society.« https://t.co/ricLFytOTf
And most importantly, CNBC:
https://t.co/KFY5DDVuGw »#Facebook’s #Meta mission was laid out in a #2018paper declaring ‘The #Metaverse is ours to lose’: Facebook need[s] to own the #virtualreality market with a product that would #shutout any #future #competitionhttps://t.co/KHu5pANemt
Besides, Neal Stephenson, who coined the term »Metaverse«, clearly distanced himself from Meta in an early tweet:
Neal Stephenson
Since there seems to be growing confusion on this: I have nothing to do with anything that FB is up to involving the Metaverse, other than the obvious fact that they're using a term I coined in Snow Crash. There has been zero communication between me and FB & no biz relationship.
But what did actually happen?
In fact, Zuckerberg has announced a lot - but delivered little: 10 billion Dollars are to be invested in 2021 alone. 10,000 jobs are to be created in Europe alone. A new high-end VR headsetProject Cambria«) is to come…
New AR-glassesProject Nazare«) are to come…
…and the only really tangible thing, at least for developers, is the »Prescence Platform«:
The news had the biggest impact in a completely different place: Crypto! So called »Metaverse cryptos«, to be precise. Some have grown by double digit or even triple-digit percentages since the announcements:
https://t.co/KFY5DDVuGw »#AxieInfinity, #Decentraland and ‘#metaverse#cryptos rally after #Facebook rebrands to #Meta: The net market capitalization of #metaversetokens grew 13.40% to $12.36 billion in the past 24 hours.« https://t.co/6w2Y8WhvTd
But anyway - and back to the original statement: the Metaverse has a lot of attention now and for the near future. And, more importantly, a lot of investment flowing into the development of software and hardware.
Competitors will almost feel compelled to at least counter with similar announcements. - And by the way, »GAFAM« is now actually »AAMAM« - or »MAMAA«. - And Netflix lovers call it »MANGA«:
Point and fact is that we will see much more movement towards the Metaverse in the next few years with Meta - and most probably others. And that is a very good thing.
But we should all also be aware of the risks: Facebook says hello! Meta will foreseeably not build the Metaverse that many would like to see. We must pay attention to this - and stand up for corrections in direction.
Anyway, let’s enjoy the moment!
Join the Metaver.se!
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