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Everyone Wants to Own the Metaverse
Dear Avatars,
What a week! Unbelievable what has happened around the Metaverse in just one week. Could you keep up - or do you need an update?
To make a long story short: everybody and their dog wants to join the Metaverse after Facebook made its bold Meta move. So once again, thanks for all the attention (and money), Mark Zuckerberg!
What we are experiencing right now is definitely hype-driven, but it also shows how much the trend that started decades ago has long since solidified.
What's News?
First of all, a number that is really exciting, because VR seems to be much bigger than many assume - and the 250,000 MAU at Oculus for example make you expect.
And before we indulge in virtuality, a must-read article on growth (and climate): »The Metaverse and (near-)infinite economic growth. In a world of bits, who needs to bash metal?«
And while last week it looked like Meta and Microsoft were going to fight over the Metaverse, now they seem to want to cooperate there (as well). Remember? Teams is to become Mesh - and move with avatars into the Metaverse…
Metaverse »#Meta and #Microsoft announce #partnership to integrate #Workplace and #Teams: The partnership could prove most beneficial to Meta, whose Workplace service lags drastically behind its competitors in terms of users.«
But let’s talk about money and the companies that want to use it in very different ways.
Metaverse »#Enjin announces $100 million #fund to support a #crypto #metaverse: Competition for building the #nextgeneration #internet hots up as Enjin makes its play.«
#Metaverse »#Nvidia is #plumbing the #3Duniverse for our #avatars: Nvidia sees itself as a #hardwareoverlord of #themetaverse and dropped some hints about the operation of a parallel 3D universe in which our cartoon selves can work, play and interact.«
Metaverse »'#AR Is Where the Real #Metaverse Is Going to Happen': #Facebook might aim to build an all-immersive digital matrix, but #Niantic CEO #JohnHanke tells us that what he plans to do is take #reality - and make it better.«
Metaverse »With Disney Announcing "Our Own Metaverse", Prepare for an IP Bloodbath Across Competing Platforms« #Metaverse #VirtualWorlds #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality
And last but not least, the question of all questions remains: Will the Metaverse be (old style) Internet-like decentralized - or just the next centralized walled garden? What do you think?
Join the!
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