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Strong AI, cognitive architectures, 4E cognition, interfaces

Strong AI, cognitive architectures, 4E cognition, interfaces

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Interfacism: A Way of Looking at Cognition

Whenever you (or a team) come up with a solution for some problem, you probably considered a few other solutions. An observer of the process could potentially imagine a lot more potential alternate solutions, maybe an infinite number.We could imagine a 2D or …


Miscellaneous #11


Reversing Climate Change by Polluting More


Miscellaneous #10: Galactica, robots, strange events...

Mammatus Clouds Over Saskatchewan:


Let’s Get Physical: More on Biomimetic AI

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Biomimetic Memory for AI: From Philosophy to Robots

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Miscellaneous #9: AI art, scaling, card shuffling, exploding whales...

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The Original “I, Robot”

I, Robot is a 1950 book by Isaac Asimov, a legendary science fiction writer—and indeed a writer in almost every category of the Dewey Decimal System—who started in 1939 and continued until he died in 1992 of HIV complications, the HIV coming from a blood tran…


Miscellaneous #8

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A Self-Modeling Robot, So What?

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The AI Winter Shit-Winds Are Coming

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Cognitive Abstraction Manifolds

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Misc. #7: Brain waves, myths & hoaxes, infinite staircases...

Why don’t AIs have anything like brain waves? Should they?Why AI Is Doomed Without Neuroscience5 Myths About Learning and InnatenessAI co-writer: Making Room for the Past: How forgetting the past can lead to losing sight of who we are; an A.I. newsletter.Will…


Multiverse and the Incredible Bulk

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Miscellaneous #6

“According to the results, 42 percent of Autopilot users, and 53 percent of Super Cruise users were confident in treating their vehicles as fully self-driving, even though the manufacturers of these vehicles make no such claims.” says Mark Allinson reporting …


The Need for Emotional Experience Does Not Prevent Conscious Artificial Intelligence

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Are Emotional Structures the Foundation of Intelligence?

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Misc #5: Top Gun Maverick ejection, symbolic AI, lizard skin cellular automata...

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Infants, Monkeys, Love and AI: From emotional disorders to artificial intelligence

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Miscellaneous #4: Squircles, flying inventions, books made of human skin…

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