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Hembafan from MANI

Sometimes, I think about life and I try to picture myself not having to go through whatever hurt, pain, disappointment or negative emotion I’ve experienced.

About a year ago, I would have thought of that as bliss, but now? Nah, I wouldn’t mind some pain. I’ll tell you why.
Our worst experiences shape us the most. They help us grow. We never really mature when everything is perfect, but every problem comes with it an opportunity for self development. Every pain comes with an opportunity to understand another’s pain. Who knows? You could just be the reason they didn’t give up hope.
Every disappointment or failure brings with it a chance to learn how to not stay down when life happens. So you see? There’s purpose in every pain. Every pain.
I recently read a book that said “Our life is like a sponge soaked with glory no one can see until we are squeezed to let it out”.
So friend, go out today knowing that hard times will come, not to crush you but to bring out the strength you had no idea was in you.
I’m rooting for you.
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