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Cheers to Detoxifying.

I saw a tweet the other day where someone said “If you ever find yourself getting upset at someone’s success, put your hand on your chest and say three times ‘I am a witch’”.
While that was hilarious, I didn’t agree with it.
It’s totally human to feel a tinge of jealousy when you see someone living the life you want for yourself, doing the things you want to do, going places you want to go - especially if you’re not living that life or doing those things because life happened (or is happening) to you. So, my dear, you’re not a witch.
However, as human as feeling this way is, it’s not the nicest place to be.
Beloved, let’s try out a few tips that could help us live above these feelings.
First, instead of thinking “I worked as hard as them to get to where they are”, how about “They have worked hard for this. I have too. Their getting results means that hard-work pays off and mine is on the way”.
Secondly, instead of wallowing in self pity, saying “I never get good breaks, but they always do”, how about “I’m grateful to have life and every little thing I’ve been blessed with. I know my good breaks are coming and my story will end well”.
Another trick is to put yourself in their shoes. Remember that life has dealt them bad blows too and this good break may be one of the few good things they have to hold on to. You know, we don’t always know what people really go through to get to where they are.
Cheers to detoxifying.
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