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Wearing Your Pain or Hiding It?

Pain. Is there anyone who hasn’t had a taste of it? While some have sparsely experienced it, many share their lives with it. Have you ever found yourself wondering if you wouldn’t prefer one type of pain to another? Or wondering how best to deal with your pain- hiding it or wearing it for the world to see?
Pain can feel very different, yet very deep. For example, the pain of a loved one dying, of ill health, of lack, of heartbreak. Sometimes, the hurt is such that one cannot fully express, maybe because it runs too deep and there are no words or actions to capture it. It could also be that we feel guilty expressing such hurt because of how it will affect others or how others will perceive us when we do.
Whatever the reason we have for hiding, partially hiding, or wearing our pain, what we mustn’t ever fail to do is let ourselves feel it and work through it. True, we cannot all be outwardly expressive about our emotions but we can try to fully and privately express to ourselves the pain we feel, and seek out healthy ways to cope with such pain.
Wearing your pain or hiding it? It doesn’t really matter as long as you are letting yourself feel it, and coping with it healthily. If you need help coping with pain, send us a DM @mentallyawareng 
-From Ebahi.
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