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Claire from MANI

Happiness and joy untethered.

Hello friend,
How are you doing? Are you happy?
My friend once told me that happiness is so fickle. We often aspire to this state of euphoria and joy, seeking for means to access it.
When we eventually find happiness, we can’t lock it in and have it be our permanent state of being, no matter how hard we try.
For some people, happiness is a familiar face, easy to recognise and have.
Simple acts such as getting their favourite meal cause them to swell with joy.
For others, it is not so easy. They have to scratch beyond the surface to find happiness —to dig within to find that spark of joy.
Of late, I’ve come across a new kind of happiness. The one that courses from within. You can’t place your finger per se on its source but you find it lighting up your world.
This kind of happiness is not dependent on other people or material things. It stems from a certain peace or contentment in your being. This is what I want you to have, friend.
Regardless of where and how happiness meets you, hold it close when it comes. Spread forth the positivity it brings, and lock that moment in time. So that when the gloomy days come, you can travel back in time reliving those memories, breathing them into your being.
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